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We've upgraded our sliders and moved them to a new site - Boujee Sliders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are hours for PM and QA tracked?

Those are on us.

We do not count PM and QA hours for the retainers, but they are necessary so that we can properly run a project.

You can rest assured that every single page our team delivers will work on all browsers and devices. What's most important is that it will be online by the date you have scheduled.

What does your Webflow agency do?

We aren’t just a Webflow development agency, as we also have a team of talented designers, project managers, marketing specialists, and more. We offer strategic solutions that drive business results for anyone who wants to have their site built and hosted on Webflow.

Is there a minimum limit on how long a retainer subscription can last?

We don't impose any limits on our retainer plans.

We do not require our clients to pay us (or commit in any other way)for an extended period (such as six months or a year). We will let you know as long as we can help your business improve and have enough tasks to work on your projects.

If we notice that the workload is getting lighter month to month, we can suggest a lower fee or even pause the retainer for a few months until the client is ready to proceed with further updates.

Another agency/freelancer built our site. Can you maintain it?

It depends.

We will need the preview link for your Webflow project to analyze how the site was built. We use a unique class naming system found here, which prevents us from jumping in on any Webflow build.

If the class naming system of your site doesn't comply with ours, we need to perform one of the following actions to provide the best service:

  1. Re-build the core logic behind the website.
  2. Re-build the site from scratch
  3. Adjust to the class naming system the agency/freelancer was using.

The third option is only possible if the project has an existing class naming system set up, which, unfortunately, not all agencies/freelancers use. 0In any case, we will focus on 101% to ensure we can help you before agreeing to work together and charge any fees.

Can you still build a site if I select a retainer plan?

Unfortunately, we can't.

These retainer plans are only for already established Webflow websites. If you have a new Webflow design/development build please fill in the form here.

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