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Mailchimp can be integrated with Webflow, offering effective email campaign management and audience growth solutions.

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About Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing automation platform specializing in email marketing. It empowers businesses to create, send, and analyze email campaigns effortlessly, fostering effective communication with their audience. 

The platform also extends its capabilities to audience segmentation and social media advertising, providing a comprehensive marketing solution.

Why Integrate Mailchimp with Webflow

Here are some of the most popular reasons you should consider connecting Webflow to Mailchimp.

  • Engage easily — Linking Mailchimp and Webflow simplifies email collection for consistent communication.
  • Smart automation — Automate Mailchimp campaigns triggered by Webflow actions for higher engagement and conversions.
  • Tailored reach — Use Mailchimp's integration to craft personalized email campaigns based on Webflow user data.
  • Efficient lists — Sync Mailchimp and Webflow for updated email lists and smoother management.
  • Data insights — Combine Mailchimp's analytics with Webflow to refine email strategies effectively.
  • Save time — Automate tasks between Mailchimp and Webflow for efficient campaign management.

Common Challenges When Integrating Mailchimp with Webflow 

Here are some obstacles you might encounter when using Mailchimp with Webflow.

  • Data alignment — Ensuring accurate and synced data between Mailchimp and Webflow presents a crucial challenge.
  • Technical hurdles — Navigating integration complexities demands technical expertise, posing obstacles for non-technical users.
  • Design consistency — Achieving cohesive design between Webflow and Mailchimp templates is a notable design challenge.
  • Segmentation complexity — Managing intricate audience segments across both platforms proves time-consuming and complex.
  • User transition — Maintaining a seamless user experience from Webflow to Mailchimp forms and emails requires careful attention to detail.

How to Connect Mailchimp to Webflow

Similar to many other integrations, making the essential connections is actually very easy. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to do it. However, Mailchimp is a robust tool, and setting up more complex workflows might require assistance from Webflow experts.

In the following section, we’ll briefly overview how to make the basic Mailchimp Webflow integration.

  1. Open a Mailchimp account — If you’re not a registered user, sign up for the popular email automation platform.
  2. Connect your Webflow site to Mailchimp — In the “Audience” tab in Mailchimp, find the “Connect a Site option” and then click on the “Custom Websites.” A new window will open, where you’ll need to insert your site’s URL.
  3. Generate Code — Once you add the site, you’ll see an option to generate code. Click on in and copy the code.
  4. Add code to your Webflow site — In Webflow Designer, add the code via the Custom Code option in the Header Code section of your page. Save it and go back to the Mailchimp.
  5. Check connection — Go to the Connected Site page on Mailchimp and click Check Connection to see if Mailchimp is working with your Webflow site.

If all is working correctly, you’ve successfully connected Webflow with Mailchimp.

But where exactly do you go from here?

Well, the first step you can do is to create a form in Webflow and connect it to Mailchimp. Here’s how to do that.

1. Get the Action code — Find the “Audience” option in MailChimp and then:

  • Find the “Manage Audience” option and click on it.
  • Find the “Signup Form” option and click on “Embedded forms.”
  • Mailchimp will show you a code you’ll need to copy and paste into a text editor.
  • Find the form action part in the code and copy the URL behind that to clipboard.

2. Create a Webflow form in your Webflow Designer — To add your Mailchimp Action code, you’ll need to establish a form on your Webflow site. To do that:

  • Open your Webflow Designer and then Add panel (A) > Elements > Form Block
  • Go to the Navigator and select Form Block and open the settings to the right.
  • Configure the form as you want
  • Paste the URL you copied from the Mailchimp code to the Action button.
  • Make sure that the selected method is POST.

Once you set it up, it’s important to test whether the form you connected to Mailchimp works. There’s really one logical way to do it: fill out the form. After that, go to the Mailchimp and find Managed Contacts in the Audience section. If your email address appears, then everything is in order.

Webflow Requirements

To connect Mailchimp with Webflow, you will need to pick one of the paid Webflow packages. Free packages don’t let you add custom code.

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We get asked these questions often

How to integrate Mailchimp with Webflow?

To integrate Mailchimp with Webflow, you can use Mailchimp's embeddable signup forms or custom code to add forms to your Webflow site, connecting the collected data with your Mailchimp audience.

Can Flow Ninja connect Mailchimp to Webflow?

Yes, Flow Ninja offers integration services and can likely connect Mailchimp to Webflow, facilitating seamless data exchange.

Can I connect Mailchimp and Webflow through Zapier?

Yes, you can connect Mailchimp and Webflow through Zapier, automating tasks and data transfers between the two platforms using pre-built workflows.

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