Wix to Webflow Migration

Wix is often perceived as fitting for beginners, and Wix site owners want to migrate to Webflow for its high customisability.

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Why Migrate Wix to Webflow

Here are some reasons why some people decide to migrate Wix to Webflow.

  • More design freedom — Webflow offers a flexible and sophisticated environment that grants you complete creative control over website layout, animations, and interactions. This makes it an ideal choice for designers and developers seeking unlimited creative possibilities.
  • Custom code capabilities — Webflow lets incorporate custom code, a pivotal feature for crafting unique functionalities, integrations, or advanced capabilities that might not find support in Wix's framework.
  • Better SEO — Webflow boasts a strong reputation for its SEO capabilities, delivering extensive options and features for optimizing your website's search engine performance. This is particularly crucial if your website relies on organic traffic for success.
  • Performance optimization — Webflow provides fast loading times thanks to its hosting infrastructure and content delivery network (CDN). This is great both for user experience and search engines.
  • Scalability — Webflow seamlessly accommodates larger and more intricate projects. It's the preferred choice for businesses and individuals with ambitious growth plans, as it handles complexity with ease.
  • E-commerce capabilities — Webflow presents a robust e-commerce platform tailor-made for businesses aiming to establish and expand their online stores. You can customize product pages, shopping carts, checkout processes, and more.
  • Collaboration capabilities — Multiple users can simultaneously edit and manage the site, streamlining collaborative efforts and boosting productivity.
  • Vibrant community — Engage with Webflow's vibrant community and tap into an extensive pool of resources, including tutorials, templates, and forums.
  • Cost considerations — While Webflow may not be the most budget-friendly option, it frequently delivers superior value, especially for advanced feature needs and customization.

Common Challenges with Wix to Webflow Migration

Here are some common issues you should consider when you decide to migrate from WordPress to Webflow.

  • Content transfer — Moving your content from Wix to Webflow can be complex, especially if you have a large website with extensive pages and media. Ensuring that all text, images, videos, and other content migrate accurately can be a time-consuming task.
  • Design rebuilding — Webflow offers more design flexibility, but this also means you may need to rebuild your website's design from scratch or adapt existing designs to the Webflow environment. This can be challenging, especially with a highly customized Wix design.
  • Difficulty mastering Webflow — Webflow has a steeper learning curve than Wix, particularly for users unfamiliar with web development concepts. Learning to use Webflow's design and development tools may take some time.
  • Testing and quality assurance — Thoroughly testing the migrated website on Webflow is essential to identify and fix any issues or discrepancies that may arise during the migration process.
  • Post-migration support — After the migration, you may need ongoing support and maintenance for your Webflow website. Ensuring you have access to the necessary expertise for updates and troubleshooting is important.

How to Migrate Wix to Webflow

Migrating from Wix to Webflow requires redesigning your entire Wix site in Webflow Designer and then migrating your content. If you’re interested in doing so, here’s how the process works with Flow Ninja:

  • Step 1: Planning your migration — We outline your goals and objectives for the new Webflow site.
  • Step 2: Exporting your content from Wix — We export text, images, videos, and media from Wix to implement them in your Webflow site.
  • Step 3: Designing your Webflow site — If you opt for a redesign, you’ll work with our designers to implement the changes. Otherwise, we will design your original site in Webflow from scratch.
  • Step 4: Rebuilding Content — We’ll import the content from Wix to your site and make sure it’s displayed correctly.
  • Step 5: Setting Up SEO — Part of our Wix to Webflow migration includes configuring SEO settings in Webflow.
  • Step 6: Redirecting URLs — We implement 301 redirects for URL changes.
  • Step 7: Testing — Thoroughly test your site for issues.
  • Step 8: Monitoring post-migration — As a Webflow partner, our agency offers monitoring and improving your site long-term. 

One issue that might pose a challenge when migrating from Wix to Webflow is migrating the domain. As you know, both Wix and Webflow offer their own hosting solution, and it’s necessary to switch domains if you want to migrate a site. Here’s how to do it.

  • Step 1: Sign in to the Wix account where your domain is hosted.
  • Step 2: Go to My Domains
  • Step 3: Go to Advanced and select Transfer away from Wix
  • Step 4: Click on Send Sode — The code will take up to a couple of hours to arrive to your account.
  • Step 5: Pick a new registrar and find the option to transfer your domain
  • Step 6: Enter the code provided by Wix
  • Step 7: From this point, you can use Webflow’s guide on connecting your domain to Webflow.

Webflow Requirements

To migrate from Wix to Webflow, you will require a Webflow paid pricing plan. But which one? This mainly depends on your site size. If you have over 10,000 collection items, you might even be required to use the Enterprise Webflow package.

Projects Which We Migrated from Wix to Webflow

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We get asked these questions often

Can I switch my website from Wix to Webflow?

Yes, you can switch your website from Wix to Webflow. It's possible to migrate your content, design, and functionality from Wix to Webflow by following a well-planned migration process. While it may require some effort, many users find it worthwhile for the increased design flexibility and advanced features that Webflow offers.

Can Flow Ninja help me migrate from Wix to Webflow?

Yes, Flow Ninja, as a Webflow agency, can assist you in migrating your website from Wix to Webflow. They likely have experience with such migrations and can provide professional guidance, design services, and technical expertise to ensure a smooth transition. Contact Flow Ninja to discuss your specific needs and get a personalized quote for their services.

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