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Hunch Case Study: Leaving No Stone Unturned

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About the Company

Hunch is a Meta Business Partner with extensive expertise in ad automation & creative production. It offers a comprehensive set of software and services, enabling advertisers to deliver visually appealing, branded ads at scale.

Hunch is a fitting solution for mid-market advertisers that need marketing technology for repurposing, launching and testing creatives on paid social. Moreover, the service automates creative production and the processes of buying ads.

The company has offices in Belgrade, Berlin, and New York.

How It Started: The Serbian Connection

We had a location advantage working with Hunch, which made our initial talks much easier. 

Once we agreed to work on Hunch’s website, our team could visit the company’s office to kickstart collaboration.

The Hunch team did a detailed product demo, followed by a two-day live discovery workshop. 

We defined the sitemap and our scope of work while brainstorming how to showcase Hunch’s product most effectively.

Uplifting the Hunch Brand

Hunch already had an established brand with a compelling logo that had an interesting backstory. Still, the company wanted to uplift its brand. 

This was one of the primary steps in our collab, as our designers suggested how the brand can be further improved visually. The Hunch team accepted many of these changes, which are still in effect, and used across the company’s communication channels.

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The Solution

Our Approach: Dotting the I's and Crossing the T's

Building and optimizing the Hunch website required a meticulous approach. 

We migrated the old website from WordPress to Webflow but had to redesign it entirely. Here’s how we did that.

The Design Process

We wanted to showcase Hunch’s expertise through design with the right typography and color palette accompanying the brand. 

The Hunch brand already established some guidelines, which we had as a reference, but we were given a certain level of freedom to experiment and improve the design.

Moreover, our designers wanted things a bit darker than the platform’s previous website, as Hunch is primarily a technology-oriented business, and we wanted to present it as such.

We also created various supporting elements throughout the website, some of which Hunch decided to use as stand-alone elements. One such example is the badge can see below.

The designers leveled up Hunch’s website design, but it was necessary to keep functionality in mind, a challenge we were eager to take. 

Perhaps an even bigger hurdle to overcome was designing the site with the company’s content strategy in mind, which is by itself a powerful tool for Hunch and how it communicates to its visitors, leads, and customers.

The biggest challenge? 

Overall, Hunch’s complex product brings customers tremendous value thanks to its comprehensive toolbox. The idea was to present the product through design so that target visitors could clearly understand the value it gives.

With the Hunch team actively involved in the design and eager to provide detailed feedback, our team covered all the bases, providing precisely what the client had in mind.

Developing Hunch

Apart from developing a wide range of animations and micro-interactions on the site, the Flow Ninja dev team aimed to make a multi-functional CMS available

The goal was to help Hunch easily create, optimize and publish different types of content

This is one of those times when Webflow’s superior CMS comes into play. It still required our devs to play their part and prepare the terrain for the Hunch content team.

For example, Hunch often has localized campaigns in different languages that require quickly creating effective landing pages. 

Our devs aimed to streamline this process as much as possible, making it possible to have one such page up and running within an hour.

Moreover, Hunch required some space to work on implementing the SEO strategy, which required the designers and developers to understand their processes and provide an adequate framework for it as well.

The biggest challenge for devs? 

Keeping the site lightweight and fast while adding tons of pages, micro-interactions, animations, and more.

Moreover, Hunch wanted to keep track of every aspect of its website. 

Our developers assisted them with setting up heat maps trackers, Google Analytics, social media tracking pixels, and more.

Results: Fast and Alive Website

The idea was to make a website that looks and feels alive by adding various moving elements on every page. 

Yet, we made them subtle at the same time, making the Hunch site seem like it’s alive and interacting with the visitor.

We’re proud of keeping a complex site such as this fast, light, and intuitive. 

Dozens of pages explain Hunch’s product and its value in the most effective way while keeping the visitors' attention with fun elements scattered throughout them.

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We’re thrilled with the work Flow Ninja did on our new website! The team was lovely to work with, always professional and communicative. Thanks to their expertise, our website now loads quickly and has a great user experience. Highly recommend them and Webflow CMS for anyone looking for top-notch web design and development.

Filip Mateković

Head of Marketing

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