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Flow Ninja migrated Hunch’s site to Webflow to empower the marketing site team and ensure scalable growth. 

The Background

Hunch is a Meta Business Partner with extensive expertise in ad automation & creative production. It offers a comprehensive set of software and services, enabling advertisers to deliver visually appealing, branded ads at scale.

Hunch is a fitting solution for mid-market advertisers that need marketing technology for repurposing, launching and testing creatives on paid social. Moreover, the service automates creative production and the processes of buying ads.

The company has offices in Belgrade, Berlin, and New York.

The Challenge

Hunch faced a critical challenge: their existing website wasn't keeping pace. Built on WordPress, it had limitations in scalability and customization, and this constraint threatened to impede Hunch's growth trajectory.

The website lacked the flexibility to represent Hunch's advanced features and user experience fully. Moreover, the client struggled with WordPress’ cumbersome content management system (CMS), hindering content creation and updates for the marketing team.

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The Solution

The Solution

Flow Ninja migrated their site from WordPress to Webflow, unlocking the scalability and flexibility they craved

Webflow allowed us to build a framework that enables the Hunch marketing team to launch localized landing pages within an hour, with no developer help – a perfect solution for a company running targeted campaigns across various markets. 

Moreover, through strategic design, we ensured that Hunch's comprehensive product offering was presented clearly, allowing visitors to grasp the value proposition instantly.

The Results 

By implementing subtle animations and micro-interactions, we've kept visitors engaged, mirroring the dynamic nature of Hunch's marketing automation platform. 

Empowering Hunch's marketing team with a user-friendly CMS has slashed their dependence on developers for content updates. This translates to faster campaign execution, testing, and overall marketing agility.

Most importantly, Webflow's robust platform ensures the website can scale effortlessly as Hunch's user base expands, eliminating scalability roadblocks often experienced with other platforms.

The Accomplishment

* Boosted engagement – a more engaging experience for Hunch's visitors thanks to the user-friendly website with a clear value proposition.

* Empowered marketing agility – Faster content updates, campaign execution, and testing.

* Ensured scalable growth – Webflow allows Hunch's website to seamlessly handle increasing demands, eliminating scalability constraints.

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We’re thrilled with the work Flow Ninja did on our new website! The team was lovely to work with, always professional and communicative. Thanks to their expertise, our website now loads quickly and has a great user experience. Highly recommend them and Webflow CMS for anyone looking for top-notch web design and development.

Filip Mateković

Head of Marketing

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