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Stripe is a payment gateway that enables secure and seamless payment processing directly on your website.

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About Stripe

Stripe is a prominent technology firm specializing in offering software and infrastructure solutions for online payment processing. Their services empower businesses of varying scales to efficiently accept and handle payments from customers worldwide. 

Moreover, Stripe equips businesses with tools to manage subscriptions, invoices, fraud prevention, and other essential aspects of online commerce. 

The company provides a diverse range of products and services to support developers, entrepreneurs, and platforms in establishing and expanding their online ventures. Notable offerings include Stripe Connect, Stripe Atlas, Stripe Terminal, Stripe Issuing, and Stripe Climate.

Why Connect Webflow and Stripe

Here are a few reasons why many Webflow users choose to connect Stripe as their payment processor.

  • Security and ease of use — Connect Webflow and Stripe to enable seamless and secure online payment processing for Webflow-based websites.
  • Potent infrastructure — Integrate Stripe's robust payment infrastructure into Webflow, allowing businesses to accept customer payments globally.
  • Fraud prevention — Use Stripe's fraud prevention tools to ensure secure transactions and protect merchants and customers.
  • Various options available — Enable subscription management and recurring billing options for Webflow websites, making it easy to handle recurring payments.
  • Customizability — Leverage Stripe's extensive documentation and developer tools to customize payment flows and enhance the user experience.
  • Analytics and reports — Access detailed analytics and reporting features in Stripe to gain insights into sales performance and customer behavior.
  • Compatibility with Webflow — Simplify the setup process with Webflow's pre-built integration options for Stripe, reducing development time and effort.
  • Great customer satisfaction — Seamlessly handle refunds and disputes through the integrated Webflow and Stripe platform.
  • Support for several payment options — Utilize Stripe's support for multiple payment methods, accommodating various customer preferences and increasing conversion rates.
  • International features — Benefit from Stripe's international capabilities, allowing businesses to accept payments in different currencies and expand their global reach.

Common Challenges When Integrating Stripe and Webflow 

Even though Stripe is seamlessly integrated with Webflow, some issues may occur.

  • The integration between Webflow and Stripe lacks a test mode, which hinders the ability to conduct trial transactions using dummy credit card numbers provided by Stripe for testing purposes.
  • Users connecting Stripe to Webflow's eCommerce platform do not receive onboarding assistance, a crucial step that can streamline the setup process and ensure a smooth integration experience.
  • Other occasional issues may occur when trying to connect your Stripe account to Webflow, which may need you to contact customer support for assistance.
  • You’ll need coding knowledge if you want to use Stripe beyond the simple checkout process when using Webflow.

How to Connect Stripe and Webflow

Connecting Stripe to Webflow isn’t a difficult task, but you’ll still need a Webflow expert if you want to ensure seamless integration and avoid possible pitfalls. 

Technically speaking, there are two methods to do it that don’t require third-party apps, such as Zapier. One is super-easy, the other one — not so much. 

Here’s the easy method.

  1. Sign up to Stripe
  2. Go to Webflow Designer → Settings → Payments → Connect Stripe

You can also do the same using Webflow Editor by enabling checkout from the Ecommerce settings and then connecting Stripe.

However, this process if fairly limited, and bigger websites often need additional capabilities from Stripe. In that case, you’ll need to use some custom code. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign up for Stripe and head to the developers section on the site.
  2. Go to API keys, where you’ll see your publishable key and secret key. If these are not visible, you’ll have to generate them. These will let your Webflow and Stripe accounts communicate securely.
  3. Log in to your Webflow and go to Settings → Custom Code. To use this feature, you’ll need a paid ecommerce plan, as adding custom code is not available for free users.
  4. Add custom code to configure Stripe and connect it to Webflow. This is the part where you’ll require a professional developer’s assistance if you want to get the most out of this integration.

Webflow Requirements

You’ll need a paid ecommerce Webflow plan if you want to perform a Stripe Webflow integration.

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We get asked these questions often

Does Webflow integrate with Stripe?

Yes, it does. Stripe is actually one of the few payment processors that can be easily connected with Webflow to kickstart the checkout process for users.

How to integrate Stripe and Webflow?

Webflow Stripe integration is quite easy, just go to your ecommerce settings in Designer and connect Stripe.

Can Flow Ninja integrate Stripe with Webflow?

Yes, we can help you with any form of Webflow Stripe integration. Feel free to contact us and see how we can assist you.

Can I integrate other payment methods with Webflow?

Besides Stripe, which supports a range of payment options, you can also integrate Webflow with PayPal.

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