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About Upwork

Upwork is the world’s #1 work marketplace, enabling millions of businesses to connect with independent talent worldwide. Their clients include everyone—from solo entrepreneurs to 30% of the Fortune 100. Upwork enables them to work together in new ways, unlocking their full potential.

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To make all pages on Upwork's marketing site on Brand easy to update and maintain in the future, we've transitioned the entire marketing site from Wordpress to Webflow.

After doing the transition to Webflow, we were able to gain substantial speed improvements compared to the old setup. Moreover, we handed the site to Upwork's marketing team to adjust the new copy and test new ideas faster.

Most importantly, we've freed up ENG time for engineers and allowed them to work on important tasks for the platform instead of focusing on the site's front-end.

After setting up the core design system, we're constantly working on designing and developing new experiences and improving the current ones.

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“Webflow has been a game-changer for us. Before Webflow, it was incredibly slow to get new marketing pages launched. Now, we’re able to spin up new pages on the fly, test, and iterate quickly without impacting our engineering team.”

Natalie Enright

Director of Content Strategy and Product, A&O, Upwork

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