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Upwork relies on Flow Ninja’s Webflow expertize to maximize the marketing team flexibitility and push marketing initiatives faster. 

The Background

Upwork is a work marketplace headquartered in San Francisco. It is a leading freelancing platform that connects businesses with a global network of independent professionals. Upwork's position as a remote work thought leader is solidified by its robust resource center.

It’s one of the most important enterprises in its line of work, which was demonstrated by Upwork's inclusion on TIME's 2022 List of 100 Most Influential Companies. Upwork reported gross services volume reached $4.14 billion in 2023.

The Challenge

Upwork's marketing team was bottlenecked by its dependence on the in-house engineering team. Every minor change required developer involvement, slowing down the content upload pipeline. This limited the resource center's potential as a dynamic and responsive platform. Moreover, Upwork's team had been busy with other pressing priorities that prevented them from dedicating the necessary resources to focus on this.

In need of a more agile approach, Upwork sought a partner who could streamline the content management and upload process to unlock the resource center's full potential. 

This is where Flow Ninja stepped in, offering a solution that addressed both speed and access to specialized expertise.

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The Solution

The Solution

With an experienced team of Webflow experts, Flow Ninja was able to provide two things that Upowork lacked.

1. A better platform for its resource center — Webflow, which is much more suitable for marketing teams, especially for enterprises.

2. An experienced team who managed to migrate and rebuild the resource center without Upwork having to engage and of its in-house resources.

The Results

After redesigning and implementing the new resource center with Webflow, the Upwork marketing team managed to add 3,000+ resources for clients and talents. The entire process is now streamlined, and the resource number continuously grows.

Additionally, Upwork's marketing team was able to test new resource center features quickly, thanks to Webflow and Flow Ninja.

The collaboration between Upwork and Flow Ninja extended beyond the resource center, with our team creating various other custom solutions and developing a range of marketing campaigns.

The Accomplishment

* Streamline how the marketing team at Upwork leverages CMS

* Speed up content creation and upload process

* Provide Upwork with ongoing on-demand Webflow expertise for other projects

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"Flow Ninja has been an invaluable partner in designing and developing the resource center so that it’s user-friendly and responsive to our team’s needs. Thanks to their expertise and guidance, we’re able to create and modify pages quickly, test new features, and continually improve the performance of our content."

Robert McCauley

Senior Director, Content Marketing at Upwork

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