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Eucalyptus Case Study: Developing Four Projects for a Prestigious Australian Healthcare Company

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Eucalyptus Overview

Eucalyptus is transforming the patient experience through innovative digital solutions. With a strong focus on enhancing accessibility and convenience, Eucalyptus has carefully curated a suite of digital healthcare clinics that integrate various aspects of modern healthcare services.

Eucalyptus presents a cohesive integration of four distinct healthcare brands which play a pivotal role in enhancing various aspects of healthcare.

The four brands are:

  • Pilot – A digital healthcare clinic helping men in Australia access treatment for common and taboo medical issues by being connected with Aussie health practitioners.
  • Kin – A digital healthcare clinic focused on women’s reproductive health which offers a range of products for every step of the fertility journey, from contraception to postpartum.
  • Software – An online dermatology clinic offering custom prescription formulas for skin and hair concerns.
  • Juniper – Online weight loss programs and personalized care based on modern treatments and clinically-proven practices.

Eucalyptus has been one of the long-term partners of Flow Ninja. Together, we’ve developed the sites for all four brands.

All brands had everything prepared design-wise, so our task was to put everything together in Webflow and guide the Eucalyptus team on getting the most out of their marketing sites.

In this case study, we’ll explore all four projects we’ve kicked off with Eucalyptus.

How It Started: Eucalyptus and Flow Ninja

Flow Ninja and Eucalyptus started working together on smaller tasks, such as single-page development. After seeing the results and understanding Webflow’s potential, the Eucalyptus team decided to make a one-year contract, which resulted in a fruitful partnership. This is the period when Flow Ninja devs did most of the impactful work for the four Eucalyptus brands.

What we did
Webflow Development
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The Solution

Our Approach: Building the Four Websites

Let’s take a look at all four brands and briefly comment on how we approach them when developing them on Webflow.


Eucalyptus designers provided a complete rebrand of the Pilot project, so we built it from scratch on Webflow. Flow Ninja devs had plenty of room to add suggestions, some of which directly influenced the design, such as creating a single style guide. This was used to support the Pilot team by creating reusable components which they used to create pages on their own. 

One of the interesting challenges regarding Pilot is ensuring that the “add to cart” option comes with all capabilities requested by the client. Our developers had to think beyond Webflow and streamline the shopping and checkout processes with external tools and custom code.


Kin has one of the largest range of product offerings amongst the Eucalyptus digital health clinics and Flow Ninja devs found it the most interesting to work on. In addition to creating a range of premium e-commerce products , Kin has a mission of empowering women on their reproductive journey by providing education and accessible care.

Kin believes in supporting social issues, with one of the most successful campaigns being #WeNeedMoreLeave which advocated for extended leave periods for women who experienced a miscarriage.

This brand also came with a prepared design, and our job was to implement it via Webflow.

The biggest challenge was creating a navigation bar which was previously a mega menu. We had to find a way to reduce it without jeopardizing the overall navigation system.

Our devs also implemented a trackable search capability for the Kin blog so the Kin team could easily see what’s being searched and create new content to cater to users questions.


With Software, our main goal was to standardize everything related to the website. Since many different designers worked on the project, there were inconsistencies with classes, and that’s something we initially established to pave the way for better scalability.

We also found developing the Ingredients page entertaining, as it required using a different CMS than the standard blog page.


Juniper required our development team to really burn the midnight oil. Perhaps the most interesting page for this project was the BMI calculator, where visitors can input their height and weight and see a graphic representation of their BMI. If the graph shows a high BMI, another graph appears that shows potential weight loss in one year.

We also aimed to make reusable components that can be easily modified so that the Juniper team can quickly get the most out of them when creating new pages on the site. That’s the approach we aimed to have for each of the four projects, setting standards for each to ensure a smoother user experience and faster deployment of web pages.

Results: Eucalyptus Formed an In-House Webflow Team

The Eucalyptus team understood Webflow’s potential. With Flow Ninja’s help, they received proper education and gained insight into the best practices related to developing sites and launching new pages. As a result, Eucalyptus decided to form an in-house Webflow team which would further take over any tasks that Flow Ninja performed.

At Flow Ninja, our ultimate goal is to empower our clients and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive on their own. We take immense pride in witnessing Eucalyptus' growth and self-sufficiency in managing their Webflow projects. 

We cherish the partnership we shared with Eucalyptus and look forward to supporting and assisting them in any future endeavors they may have. We stand committed to empowering more businesses like Eucalyptus to embrace the limitless possibilities of Webflow and reach new heights in their digital presence.

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As a fast-paced tech company, we like to iterate and optimize our pages pretty often. Flow Ninja exceeded expectations in this regard. Not only did they build the pages, but also took the time to explain how things work and how to maintain the sites. This made it so much easier for our team and myself to understand how things are built with components, so that we can easily change things without taking up too much time.

Jaidyn Lai

SEO Coordinator, Eucalyptus

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