How Mesh Leveraged Flow Ninja to Rapidly Deploy a Compelling Webflow Site

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About the Company

Founded in 2020, Mesh's mission is to build an open, connected and secure financial ecosystem. Mesh is a modern financial operating system that provides enterprise clients with the ability to enable digital asset transfers, crypto payments, account aggregation and registered securities trading, all within their platform. With integrations to over 300+ platforms, Mesh is creating an embedded financial ecosystem that is more open, connected and secure for businesses and users alike.

How It Started: Good Work Opens Doors

After the Mesh team decided to make a substantial pivot in their positioning strategy from B2C to B2B, they needed a reliable partner who could understand and present the new positioning via the re-made website. 

The Goal: Presenting the Solution to Potential Clients in a Simple and Effective Way

Mesh’s solution is potent, with the power to help many in the fintech sector. However, it’s not simple to understand. 

Therefore, Mesh’s main goal was to use the website to present its service in the clearest possible way, showcasing its potential through various use cases. In short, Mesh wanted to present to potential clients who they are and what they sell.

The Problem: Insufficient Time and Resources for Focusing on the Website

Early-stage companies and startups often need to be careful with their resources. They are torn between investing their resources in marketing, creating content, and more or focusing on their primary product. 

Creating a website to fulfill the organization’s goal requires time and effort, which Mesh didn’t have in abundance, being focused on developing the core product. Therefore, they needed a reliable partner who could concentrate on the site and deliver a modern and engaging experience they had in mind.

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The Solution

The Solution: Leverage Webflow Partner Flow Ninja for Website Development

Through meticulous planning and close collaboration with the Mesh team, Flow Ninja strategically designed web pages tailored to target specific audiences. Our approach encompassed a comprehensive strategy that went beyond just visual elements – it delved into content placement and user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) enhancements.

Flow Ninja allowed Mesh to take one set of tasks off their plate while actively participating in the partnership and providing various services, including design, development, and project management for Mesh’s website. 

The Result: More Time for Mesh’s Team to Work on Their Core Product

The result was immediate: not only was Mesh able to focus more strategically on the core product, but Mesh’s new website managed to deliver the primary goal, which was presenting the company’s solution to target customers in a simple yet potent form. 

In other words, they were able to concentrate more of their resources on building the product while leveraging Flow Ninja to focus on website building and management.

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They are a great partner that takes a lot of stress off your plate and allows you to focus on your product. They take ownership of your partnership, which is fantastic. It’s just been a joy to work with Flow Ninja.

Luke Murphy Baran

Director of Product at Mesh

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