Is Webflow Good for Small to Mid Size Businesses?
Is Webflow Good for Small to Mid Size Businesses?

Is Webflow Good for Small to Mid Size Businesses?

Mihajlo Ivanovic
Mihajlo Ivanovic
12 Jan
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The short answer is yes, Webflow is a great tool for creating and managing websites for small to mid-sized businesses.

Companies of all sizes should be able to have complete control of their website design and development, which is precisely what Webflow brings to the table. The popular website builder has streamlined the development process and made managing content easier than ever.

Webflow is created to meet the need of both newcomers and experienced designers, as its set of features makes it a powerful tool in everyone’s hands. Knowing a thing or two about designing and building a website is just a plus that can further improve these processes when using the popular platform.

So, how can Webflow assist you precisely if you’re an owner or employee of a small to mid-sized business? Let’s check out.

Webflow for Businesses

Here’s what you can expect from Webflow, should you pick this builder for designing and developing your site.

  • A useful toolbox — Webflow is equipped with a range of development tools to help you quickly launch a website, but it doesn’t stop there. The platform also features a robust CMS, allowing you to effortlessly create, add, and edit dynamic content right on the site. Alternatively, Webflow can also be used by those who prefer custom development.
  • A range of templates — Explore the available template collection, as some are built with specific industries in mind. This will further speed up your website-building process while allowing in-depth customization.
  • A great price/quality ratio — The business plan starts at $39 a month, allowing you 10,000+ CMS items, 400 GB bandwidth, 10 guest editors, and more.
  • No coding required — Webflow is a low-code/no-code platform, meaning you can build beautiful websites without technical knowledge. For small and medium businesses, this saves a lot of money that they would otherwise need to hire a team of developers. Both beginners and experts can use Webflow, since it also allows for custom web development.
  • Ecommerce capabilities — Webflow provides robust e-commerce features, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to set up online stores. From product listings to secure checkout processes, Webflow's e-commerce capabilities cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses entering the world of online selling.
  • Collaboration features — Webflow's collaborative features streamline the website development process, particularly for businesses with multiple team members. The platform allows for collaboration on projects, making it easy for team members to work simultaneously. The workflow management tools enhance efficiency and coordination within the team
  • Community support and resources — Join a thriving community of Webflow users for support, inspiration, and knowledge-sharing. Webflow's community forums, tutorials, and documentation provide valuable resources for businesses to learn, troubleshoot, and stay informed about best practices in web design and development
  • Regular updates and new features — Webflow consistently updates its platform with new features and improvements. Businesses benefit from ongoing updates, ensuring that they have access to the latest tools and technologies. Regular updates also contribute to the security and stability of the websites hosted on Webflow.

Business Features of Webflow

Webflow business contains a range of features that can help your website boost those conversion rates and improve your revenue.

Webflow Designer

Webflow Designer is a visual interface for designing websites without coding. It emphasizes responsive design, allowing users to create layouts that adapt to different devices. 

As a no-code/low-code platform, it caters to both beginners and experienced designers. Integrated with Webflow CMS, it facilitates dynamic content management directly within the design interface. 

The platform supports custom interactions and animations, reusable symbols, and collaborative features for team projects. Real-time preview, asset management, and export options make it a comprehensive tool. 

All in all, Webflow Designer's versatility and user-friendly features make it popular for creating modern, responsive websites.

But, the Designer is also the most difficult tool to master, as it’s the most important one — where you actually make websites. As a small or mid-sized business, you should consider hiring a Webflow expert or even an entire Webflow agency to help you create and maintain your website.


Editor is one of the main tools offered by Webflow, allowing you to update copy, edit images, modify links, and more. Most importantly, Editor is continuously being improved, with new features added from time to time, such as Memberships, which is currently in the beta version.

The process of using Editor is simple and clean, as it allows making changes right on your web page. Therefore, you’ll effectively avoid all the messy backend CMS options that can slow down the editing process.

Finally, Editor allows collaboration, meaning you can add other people to work on your website’s content, and you get to see who and when other collaborators made changes on the site.  


Webflow Editor allows editing your website's SEO markup, enabling you to prioritize the keywords you want the website to rank for. Many other SEO elements can be easily edited, including title tags, meta descriptions, headings, alt tags, OG settings, and more.

Webflow can also integrate a range of services that assist with SEO, including Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Zapier, Google Optimize, and more.


Hosting plays an integral part in Webflow’s overall offer, as businesses need to buy a hosting plan to access the CMS toolbox available in Editor. 

The business plan is actually a hosting package, which should be distinct from one of the workspace plans aimed at organizations that want to design and develop a website via Webflow. To understand how pricing works, check out our Webflow pricing breakdown blog.

Hosting with Webflow is easy, as the platform handles the setup, security, and updates. AWS provides a global infrastructure which currently supports millions of websites, while Fastly is responsible for delivering content in milliseconds.

Here’s a quick guide on how to host a site with Webflow:

  1. Get an account.
  2. Build your website.
  3. Buy a custom domain.
  4. Buy the site plan (hosting plan). 
  5. Connect your custom domain. 

Check out additional details in our blog post covering Webflow hosting.

Businesses Using Webflow

Many businesses upgraded their operations thanks to the streamlined website building, hosting, and maintenance services provided by Webflow. Some of the companies that picked Webflow as their builder of choice include:

  • Re:Coded — Shattering barriers and rewriting destinies, Re:Coded equips refugees with the coding skills to navigate the digital frontier and land fulfilling tech careers.
  • Mesh — Mesh seamlessly embeds financial tools and crypto payments into your app, letting users invest, pay, and trade without ever leaving.
  • Upwork — Upwork throws open the doors to a global talent pool, connecting businesses with a universe of skilled freelancers for projects that fuel growth. Even though not the entire website is on Webflow, the resource center is.
  • Hunch — Hunch empowers marketers to streamline their creative and media workflows through intelligent automation and AI-powered insights.
  • Orbit Law — Orbit Law guides startups and entrepreneurs through the legal landscape with tech-savvy solutions, empowering their journey to success.
  • Paal15 — Paal15 is a worldwide consulting and GTM agency helping tech companies bring their goals to life using a mix of strategy and creativity.
  • Jobbatical — Jobbatical streamlines international employee relocation with efficient automation, minimizing costs and ensuring a smooth experience for employers and teams.
  • Growth Alley — Growth Alley is a digital marketing partner, offering strategic planning and execution services alongside guidance on establishing internal processes, teams, and tools, and ensuring sustained organizational growth.
  • Superglue — Growth Alley serves as an omnichannel digital marketing partner, offering comprehensive assistance in strategy development and execution while empowering businesses to establish in-house processes, teams, and tools for sustained growth.

All of these companies have worked in the past or still work with Flow Ninja as their go-to Webflow partner. Each link leads to case studies for these companies that showcase how they harnessed the power of Webflow to grow their projects.

Useful Tips for Using Webflow as a Small or Mid-Sized

  • Start with Webflow training — Begin by investing time in Webflow training. Leverage Webflow University to learn the basics, explore advanced features, and understand how to use the platform to its full potential.
  • Define your website goals — Clearly define your business objectives and website goals. Whether it's lead generation, online sales, or brand awareness, having clear goals will guide your design and content decisions.
  • Map out your customer journey — Understand your customer's journey on your website. Map out the user experience, from landing on the site to completing desired actions. Use this insight to design a seamless and intuitive navigation flow.
  • Optimize for mobile users — Prioritize mobile responsiveness. Test your website on different devices to ensure a smooth user experience. Make any necessary adjustments to optimize the design for mobile users.
  • Regularly update your CMS — If your website involves frequent content updates, establish a routine for regularly updating your CMS. This keeps your content fresh and relevant, contributing to improved SEO and user engagement.
  • Implement SEO best practices — Take proactive steps to optimize your website for search engines. Craft compelling meta titles, descriptions, and utilize relevant keywords. Regularly audit and update your content to align with SEO trends.

If you decide to host your site on Webflow, feel free to get in touch with Flow Ninja and get assistance from Webflow experts.

Mihajlo Ivanovic

Mihajlo Ivanovic

Mihajlo is the one who replaces Lorem Ipsum texts with the actual copy - an SEO and content expert at Flow Ninja. He has 10+ years of experience as a content writer for various industries. He also plays bass occasionally.

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