Webflow Showcase 2023: 15+ of the Most Popular Website Examples

Webflow Showcase 2023: 15+ of the Most Popular Website Examples

Mihajlo Ivanovic
December 28, 2022
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Webflow’s popularity has recorded a massive increase over the past couple of years, with 0.6% of all sites on the internet relying on the popular builder. Due to its excellent visual development capabilities, fantastic CMS, and a range of other features, many existing sites are deciding to switch to Webflow.

Moreover, it eliminates the constant need for developers, giving the keys to running a marketing site to the marketing team.

With more than 606,000 sites on Webflow, finding the best and most popular example wasn’t easy. Still, our team picked 20+ options that we consider significant. All of the following sites relied on Webflow, and their creators used the builder’s features in the best possible way. Without further ado, let’s check out the popular options.


Meter is marketed as a company providing a single point of contact for a network, offering the services of setting up and maintaining one such network and charging by the square foot of coverage. 

The clever interactions and animations perfectly complement the long-scrolling homepage, allowing visitors to understand what Meter is all about just by watching the visuals. Of course, excellent and detailed website copy adds to the effectiveness of the Webflow-powered platform.


This Canadian service helps families find the most suitable insurance option in the country. It offers a simplified and personalized approach to selecting insurance via a unique platform targeted at English- and French-speaking individuals in Canada.

The platform uses Webflow power to include various interactions, including several videos, on the home page. Despite being content-heavy, Emma.ca loads extremely fast and is optimized for different devices. Moreover, the database of baby names is built thanks to Webflow CMS, which helped the website attract its primary customer — new mothers and those expecting a baby.

VOUS Church

VOUS Church is a church located in Downtown Miami, and its website is not a standard website for this type of organization. The design is nothing short of incredible, making VOUS Church stand out from the pack, showcasing its events, operations, beliefs, and more.

Simply put, the Webflow-powered design communicates the mission and goals of the VOUS Church clearly, with a perfect combo of design and copy. In addition to the embedded video, the homepage abounds with simple interaction and animations.


Ready offers a live calendar that works as a multiplayer workspace, allowing teams to better organize and schedule their work.

Ready’s website is filled with simple yet helpful animations which show how the service works. Even the hero copy is animated to highlight an important feature in Ready. As soon as you start scrolling, you’ll get to see how Ready works without having to read too much. In fact, the copy on this website is minimal but very precise.

The designers managed to embrace the “less is more” and filter out all unnecessary elements, focusing on showing what Ready can do, even if you just swiftly scroll through the homepage.

Mack & Pouya Photography

Mack & Pouya specialize in wedding and marriage photography, and that’s clear from the moment you land on their great website.

The online presentation of this pair abounds in photos, colors, and animations. In short, it can be described as merry and playful, followed by a similar copy. We particularly liked how the colors from the photos showcased above the fold on the homepage match the colors used in the design.

Developers also created an interactive pricing calculator, which lets you see the possible price for your wedding photographers based on the provided information.

Chiara Luzzana

Chiara Luzzana is an industry-leading sound designer, and what better way to showcase her work than with sound? Chiara’s website offers synesthesia of ambient instrumentals combined with minimal copy-oriented design.

Even though the number of elements on the site doesn’t exceed three to four at any point, the designers still managed to pull off the main idea — presenting Luzzana’s job most effectively. It’s one of the unique portfolio sites you’ll come across. 

Oreo The Playful Network

The popular cookie Oreo launched the Playful Network website during the Covid lockdown to help Oreo lovers connect around the globe. In a way, the entire campaign revolving around connection was a parody to poke fun at similar campaigns that were created during the lockdown. 

The website uses Webflow’s powerful features to reinforce Oreo as a brand. Animated cookies and other captivating visuals are definitely worth exploring if you’re a fellow Webflow fan.


Dwellito is an online marketplace for prefabricated and modular homes, which lets you browse and learn more about the brand's different designs. Most importantly, it features intuitive filters to find what you’re looking for.

The site is created to engage the user and present Dwellito’s product, and the full-screen image on the home page is a perfect choice, as you’ll immediately understand what kind of product you’re dealing with. Other than that, Dwelitto’s site features a clear and straightforward grid-based layout which makes browsing and shopping a breeze.


YaYa is a digital consultancy that focuses on helping businesses build human-centred digital tech. Some of the industries that YaYa covers include climate change, health, and fintech.

YaYa website designers wanted to keep things simple, with all information presented above the fold, meaning no scrolling is required unless you want to see the footer. It’s technically a portfolio with a simple overview of projects that YaYa’s team worked on. All information is presented via hovering on different projects, and you can click on some of them to load dedicated pages and read case studies. 


Slite is marketed as a modern knowledge base, which it is, as it provides an excellent way for organizations to structure their work while improving overall collaboration and decision-making.

The website features unique copy and stellar typography, which you’ll notice when landing on it. The design is nothing short of crisp, with subtle yet engaging animations that showcase the product while putting the copy in the forefront. 

The Pen Tool

The Pen Tool offers various UI assets, including Figma plugins, UI kits, templates, illustrations, and UX/UI bundles. The platform is actively used by 5,000+ designers and entrepreneurs from companies such as IBM, Pull & Bear, and more.

If there’s one thing to describe the Pen Tool’s website, it’s — jazzy. It uses bold typography and colors, in addition to a custom animated cursor and a plethora of hover effects. It’s a creative website which is designed to appeal to creative people.


Ujet is a company focusing on improving and advancing e-mobility through engineering, design, and material science. 

It made it to our list thanks to the innovative animations and scrolling effects that contribute to the overall experience and complement the copy, which carefully explains what Ujet does. In addition, the design is clear and makes navigation through the site easy and intuitive.

The Goonies

The Goonies is the iconic movie from 1985 starring Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, and more. It follows the adventure of a group of kids searching for pirate treasure.

Joseph Berry, a talented web designer, created a tribute website on Webflow. The design itself was inspired by the movie, with the site including various still of popular scenes. In a way, the site shows not only what Joe can do but also to what extent Webflow can handle the leaps and bounds in design without using CSS or JavaScript.  

Kubo Patisserie

Kubo Patisserie is a French pastry brand.

The website’s hero section only includes the delicious desserts with the brand’s logo in the middle, which is a great way to make those with a sweet-tooth scroll down. This will bring a list of popular products, along with bits and pieces of copy to make your saliva glands go nuts.  

The site’s design is very straightforward, mainly pictures and text, with very few animations and interactions. Still, they are positioned in a perfect way, so it’s safe to say that the site is creme-de-la-creme in the pastry industry.


Orbit’s website is Flow Ninja’s brainchild. We partnered with an agency offering legal consulting to fund managers and investors.

Our goal was to showcase Orbit’s potential through powerful transitions and animations, some of which are closely associated with the word orbit, including rockets launching into space. The hard part was keeping it down to earth, as we were presenting a company that provides legal advice. Therefore, we entwined our sky-is-the-limit design with photographs of Orbit’s team in a professional setting, making a powerful combo with the inspiring copy.

Growth Alley

Growth Alley is marketed as a growth partner that helps businesses scale with the help of social ads. Moreover, the agency trains teams, helps with the hiring process, and sets up team structures with its clients, ensuring long-term growth.

Flow Ninja had a chance to come up with Growth Alley’s design and develop the site on Webflow. We brainstormed the most effective way to show what the agency is all about by creating a powerful animation in the hero section. As the visitor scrolls, they’ll go through a journey filled with various transitions and animations that contribute to the storytelling process. That’s why Growth Alley’s online presentation is created as a one-pager with the jump links added to the top menu.


XVerse is a Bitcoin wallet available for Chrome, iOS, and Android. It can also store Stacks NFTs and comes with a range of other features to assist crypto and NFT owners.

Unlike Growth Alley and Orbit, XVerse isn’t filled with interactions. Instead, we wanted to focus on the site's overall effectiveness without including the “wow” factor. Therefore, the website is fast, intuitive, and conveys essential information for visitors, especially those who are part of the crypto sphere. We combined illustrations, screenshots, and relevant copy and used simple animations only in several sections.   

Ready to Create Your Website?

Hopefully, the examples above inspired you to try Webflow and explore its features. If you have a business that needs a professional website and you want it to look as great as the sites featured on this list, feel free to get in touch with Flow Ninja and learn how we can help you.

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