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Jobbatical Case Study: Relocating to Uniqueness

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About the Company

Jobbatical is a company that helps companies move their employees across the globe. 

Taking care of the entire process, including applying for all necessary visas and permits, the company features a team of professionals relying on cutting-edge software. This helps them speed up the paperwork, making relocation easy and convenient. 

Moreover, Jobbatical features a user-friendly platform that helps users keep track of everything and watch the relocation process as it unfolds.  

How It Started: Jobbatical and Flow Ninja

Jobbatical’s initial marketing site was already on Webflow, but it required complete restructuring, as the company felt they weren’t targeting the right audience

They reached out to Flow Ninja for assistance, laying down precise requirements for the new site: they need to re-design and restructure their site, making it more appealing for the target users. Moreover, the Jobbatical team also had plenty of valuable resources in development, and it was vital that they could easily add them to the site. 

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Our Approach: Putting the Puzzle Together

Working on Jobbatical was a wonderful experience. The entire site design and development process felt like having pieces of a puzzle and putting them in the right place to make the big picture.


Shortly before the Jobbatical team reached out to Flow Ninja, they had a complete brand redesign. 

In other words, we had clear guidelines when designing the website. We followed the colors, typography, and a range of additional suggestions to align the site with the new Jobbatical brand.

Our designers focused more on what works best rather than what looks best, as much of that was already determined.

It was a unique challenge. Think of it as baking a cake — the ingredients and measurements are already determined, so the challenge is to make it taste as good as possible with what has been provided.

The biggest challenge was making it unique. The brand was already very distinctive, and our designers had to find a way not to lose (and even enhance) uniqueness through Jobbatical’s website.


Developers had more freedom as they worked closely with the client to come up with solutions for the website. 

Their biggest challenge was making the site responsive while not breaking its structure. Since the website is made of different rectangles that are resized based on the content inside them, our developers had to get creative and come up with a solution that keeps the scalability impeccable and doesn’t disrupt the layout. They devised a unique solution that resulted in a fast, scalable, and visually appealing site.

If we use the puzzle analogy again, developers had to reshape each puzzle piece to fit them as they like rather than follow the pre-determined shapes.

Results: A Clear Picture

The result was a visually unique website that makes Jobbatical stand out from the rest of the industry. Moreover, we paved the way for the Jobbatical team to upload and organize resources with ease. 

We set up analytics while working on the site, making it easy for the client to track visitors. Shortly after the site was launched, the Jobbatical team reached out to express gratitude for being able to track metrics which much more precision, all thanks to our talented devs.

The good news was that Jobbatical’s previous site was on Webflow, so we didn’t have to spend too much time instructing them on how to use the CMS. Still, we provided all the necessary tutorials to ensure they’re utilizing Webflow most effectively.

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