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Paal15 Case Study: From a One-Off Project to a Partnership

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About the Company

Paal15 is a consulting and go-to-market agency working exclusively in  B2B tech. They help businesses develop positioning and value propositions and bring it to market through creative messaging and content. Paal15 fuses strategy, creativity, and execution to help tech companies realise their ambitions. 

How It Started

When the Paal15 team reached out, they didn’t have a Webflow website. Their team prepared several fully-designed pages, while the Flow Ninja designers provided the necessary UX and accessibility advice for the rest.

After the initial website was created and launched, we started an ongoing collaboration. This time, however, the Flow Ninja team was even more involved, working hand-in-hand with the Paal15 to propel its website. 

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Our Approach: Assisting Paal15 to Reaffirm Its Position

Working with Paal15 brought the educational skills of our team members to light. Through meetings, sessions, guides, and tutorials, we helped Paal15 understand the potential (but also limits) of Webflow.

More importantly, our team assisted with design and development. Here’s how. 


When we started working with Paal15 for the first time, we shared the work. The client designed most of the pages in-house while our designers did a complete mobile design for Paal15 along with a UX audit.

Paal15 wanted to make additional shifts in their visual branding, deciding to turn Flow Ninja into their ongoing partner. Our designers then assumed the roles of consultants, assisting Paal15 in finding the optimal way to re-design some elements on the site while sticking to what’s the best accessibility- and scalability-wise.

The biggest challenge, design-wise, was getting some of the CMS pages right. They were content-heavy, and we had to figure out a way to make them user-friendly and scalable while communicating with the Paal15 team on the changes and how they benefit each page. 


The developers were initially busy as bees, getting the CMS pages down to a tee. However, they felt there was room for improvement, eventually suggesting to the Paal15 team how to approach these pages and make them lighter, faster, and overall better. 

After switching to ongoing collaboration, we gradually introduced these changes in agreement with Paal15, getting to the optimal version of the site.

Our developers were also educators. Just like designers, they communicated with the Paal15 team on the best approach for the website, teaching the client how to harness Webflow’s potential for their website.

Results: Bringing the Bold and Unconventional Design to Life

Paal15’s website combines case studies, insights, and deep dive solution pages per industry. Through a content-heavy platform, the company showcases its extraordinary success with clients and a unique set of services.

Hence, our team was committed to designing and developing the website as well as teaching the best Webflow practices to the client, helping them reach their goals.

Together, we breathed new life into the website, finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Paal15 is a great example of Flow Ninja’s ongoing commitment to our clients-turned-partners. By partnering with Flow Ninja, Paal15 started working with a team that considers the company’s business goals and helps them achieve them by improving their online presence.

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The website was launched on time and within budget. Flow Ninja Digital Agency was fantastic to work with, rebranding the website and reworking it. They were agile, flexible, creative problem solvers, and always willing to go the extra mile.


Laila Selener

Customer Success Manager

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