From Rubik’s Cubes to Webflow: Filip Knows How to Crack the Code
From Rubik’s Cubes to Webflow: Filip Knows How to Crack the Code

From Rubik’s Cubes to Webflow: Filip Knows How to Crack the Code

Misa Vuckovic
Misa Vuckovic
12 Dec
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If you walk at the right moment into Flow Ninja’s office, you might see him amid the mesmerizing display of cerebral dexterity, as he deftly navigates the vibrant spectrum of colors, adorning the the small object in his hand. 

He unravels the kaleidoscopic enigma with an almost choreographic precision, transforming the once chaotic hues into a harmonious tableau. The rhythmic clicks and shifts calm him down to an almost meditative state, preparing him for his next task.

Filip is a Web Developer at Flow Ninja, and his obsession with Rubik’s cubes from an early age helped him think outside the box. This proved beneficial for his professional development.

Puzzles of all kinds have occupied his mind since elementary school, including making origami statues. He tried his luck with sports as well, focusing on Brazilian jiu-jitsu and volleyball, which he still plays for fun sometimes.

But before finding the last piece of the puzzle of who he is, Filip had his fair share of searching for his vocation.

“I enrolled in a medical high school with a focus on dental care. I immediately knew it wouldn’t work for me and wanted to change the school. Unfortunately, I didn’t, but I am grateful for all the knowledge from that period, as it was an interesting period in my life.”

But he didn’t give up on exploring options and was sure it would have to do something with coding. 

“I started learning a bit of Python in high school, but I couldn’t focus much on it.”

A portion of Filip's free time in high school was occupied by actual work: he was helping his father with repairing house appliances — mainly washing machines. He started at 16 and worked as a repairman for five years.”

“Even today, I can completely dismantle and put back together most washing machines,” says Filip as they were yet another Rubik’s cube he wants to solve.

Filip was eager to continue his education at the Uni of Niš, Faculty of Electronics, where he would pursue a degree in Computer Science.

“It turned out that didn’t work for me either, аs I only passed six exams before I dropped out.”

Filip and Flow Ninja: An Opportunity to Pursue a Dream

Before becoming a Flow Ninja, Filip worked for a delivery company, where he worked as a warehouseman during the corona days.

“I worked there for a year, and it was a pretty difficult job.”

At least it had something to do with putting boxes in right places—not that different from Rubik’s cubes.

“I didn’t lose hope of becoming a programmer one day. It all changed when I met my cousin’s  boyfriend, who introduced me to Webflow.”

Filip figured out that his Uni days are over, so he decided to enroll in a somewhat different University — Webflow University.

“I started learning and invested all of my time in mastering Webflow. The good news is that I had people who helped me out along the way.”

Flow Ninja was in demand for Webflow talent back in the day, and Filip was hired as an intern, but he didn’t take long to become a full-time developer in our organization.

How’s It Going at Flow Ninja, Fićo?

Apart from striking new friendships, Filip developed some new interests while at Flow Ninja, including a passion for Formula 1, of which he is now an avid fan. He also started snowboarding a bit!

He claims his favourite client is Nursa, and his dearest memory is his celebration in Flow Ninja, when the then-small team went out to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday. 

“That’s the first time I had a sense of belonging, togetherness. I don’t like to say that we’re like a big family, but we’re definitely like a school class.”

A Round of Rapid-Fire Questions for Filip

We asked Filip a couple of questions.

Can you recommend a book?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is definitely my fav, and I recommend it to all the introverted people out there, as it’s a masterful depiction of such a person’s modus operandi.

What about a movie?

The movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower staring Logan Lerman, Ema Watson, and Ezra Miller. The movie is as good as the book.

What’s your favorite travel destination?

I really like history and architecture, so I’d go with Istanbul and Budapest.

Misa Vuckovic

Misa Vuckovic

Nicknamed the Professor, Misa is the Media Manager at Flow Ninja. He's also an avid collector of tiny car toys, which he paints and restores.

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