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Superglue Case Study: Gluing Elements into a Powerful Site

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About the Company is a partner engagement and automation platform that recommends and executes partnership plays on behalf of partner teams and helps drive more partner-led revenue, faster.

The company was founded by Christian Graf and Rob Rebholz, who have previous experience founding B2B SaaS companies. Both found huge potential in partner ecosystems but were missing the “glue” that creates stickier partner experiences. That’s why they founded Superglue.

How It Started: Superglue and Flow Ninja

When the Superglue team reached out, they already had a website but wanted to start everything from scratch.

The project posed a challenge for our team:  

How does one stick the elements together for a project named Superglue and showcases its platform and service most effectively? Is there a secret adhesive for such a project? 

The good news is — we love a good challenge.

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Our Approach: Superglueing It All Together

Here’s an overview of the design and development process for Superglue. 

The Design Process

Our designers had creative freedom but had to follow some ground rules. The most important one was that the entire site had to consist of three colors: purple, yellow, and black.

Moreover, the Superglue team provided some essential brand elements, including the logo.

We followed a true and tested approach, presenting three mood boards to the client, each following the rules but with varying levels of experimenting.

The most challenging part was creating custom assets. We created 20+ assets used on the site, including the distinguishable hand illustrations located all over the site (one of them is a mouse cursor).

According to Milan, our designer, creating custom assets of hand gestures required combining several techniques. Our team members had to find photo references online and even combine them with illustrations in case of some difficult gestures.

In some cases, they even took pictures of their own hands in different positions to watch while illustrating the “Superglue hands.”

Developing Superglue

Developing Superglue wasn’t a complex task, as the site is primarily created for marketing purposes, so there wasn’t a need to set up a CMS right away. CMS elements were added later, with the introduction of additional pages, including the blog section.

The main challenge for developers was implementing a range of animations. 

Mladen, one of our developers, pointed out the interesting animation of the purple glue dripping and spilling in the background as one of the more difficult things to implement.

The main obstacle was adapting the “dripping” animation to different screen sizes while achieving the same effect on visitors.

Overall, there were a lot of custom elements that had to implement on the site, but devs already had great assets to work with, which made their job a bit easier (at least we hope so).

Most importantly, the speed and functionality of the Superglue site weren’t affected due to these custom elements — all thanks to our devs and their incredible skills to leverage Webflow’s powerful features.

Results: An Effective and Fast Site with Lively and Engaging Animations

By collaborating with our client, we were able to create an effective and fast site that incorporated vibrant and smooth animations. We took around two months to complete the design and development.

Our team worked closely with the client to identify their needs and preferences. We utilized our expertise to design a site that would meet their requirements and provide a positive user experience.

Ultimately, Superglue opted for our retainer plan, meaning we continued to further optimize and maintain the site.

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I’m a big fan of the Flow Ninja team for three reasons: they are creative and open to new ideas, their work meets the highest quality standards and they are extremely reliable and well-structured in their work with demanding clients like us.


Rob Rebholz

Co-founder & CEO

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