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Orbit︱Fund Boutique Case Study: Redesigning and Developing the Online Presence of a Law Firm

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Orbit is a boutique law firm offering legal advice for fund managers and investors. The team of 30+ legal professionals covers the full range of legal fund advisory, including structuring, tax, compliance, investor onboarding, regulation, due diligence and ESG.

Orbit’s clients include Alpine Space Ventures, Bid Equity, BurdaPrincipal Investments, Earlybird Venture Capital, eCapital, Erste Private Capital, Finvia, UNIQA, UVC Partners and other well-known fund managers and investors across Europe.

How It Started: Orbit and Flow Ninja

Orbit was already Flow Ninja’s long-time partner. We built Orbit’s first webpage on Webflow. This time, Orbit decided to undertake a complete brand update and redesign of their webpage.

Orbit’s team came up with brand guidelines, showing us that they took an in-depth approach to how they wanted to present themselves. In fact, they came up with an entirely updated brand identity to help them position and scale better in the future.

This fast-forwarded our work on the project, meaning our designers didn’t have to work from scratch, but it was also a challenge!

In our initial talks, the team provided some of the goals they wanted to achieve with the new site, including better positioning on the market and showcasing their work and brand more efficiently. They also wanted to emphasize the client experience, which plays an essential role in their line of work.

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The Solution

Our Approach: Designing and Building from the Ground Up

Here’s an overview of our work on the new Orbit's site.

The Design Process

As stated, the detailed brand guidelines made our job easier and at the same time more complex. How so?

Brand guidelines definitely speed up the overall process, but designers must come up with creative ways to offer something different and innovative within the pre-determined rules

The situation is similar to playing a game of chess. There are rules you have to abide by, but within those confines, there are limitless possibilities and strategies, and you can reach success by putting your creative spin on the game.

Moreover, the guidelines for the brand weren’t all applicable as such to web design, so we had to make logical adjustments to make some elements, such as certain colors, more suitable for the web.

The entire design process was conducted hand-in-hand with the dedicated Orbit team, which included the designer who created the brand guidelines.

Our standard design process includes sending at least three mood boards: play-it-safe, medium, and extreme versions of the site. 

  • Mood board #1 (The play-it-safe approach) — We stuck to some common layout guidelines for business websites and incorporated the brand guidelines into them.
  • Mood board #2 (The medium approach) — We decided to break off from the strict confinements of the business layout, offering a somewhat unique solution while still strictly following the brand guidelines.
  • Mood board #3 (The extreme approach) — This was our over-the-top solution. It still followed the brand guidelines, but we unleashed our creative energy entirely, focusing on uniqueness.

The client opted for the second solution.

The biggest challenge was balancing the website's aesthetic and storytelling aspects. We wanted to introduce a unique angle while keeping the design simple and intuitive enough to bring the story of Orbit closer to the visitor.

Developing Orbit

Developing the new site was the easier part of the project, given that the former platform was already on Webflow, so we could use the CMS for the new build and reuse many elements.

Still, it wasn’t a smooth sailing all the way. We wanted to develop a website that could showcase the firm's capabilities in a unique and interesting way. Therefore, we had to create various interactive elements that could engage the user and demonstrate the firm's expertise.

Then again, we had to ensure that all interactions weren’t standing out from the rest of the site. They needed to blend in with the design and copy, showing them in the best possible way without shifting visitors’ attention from what they’re supposed to explore and experience.

Our most significant accomplishment in the development process was making all elements on the site responsive and adapting the entire website perfectly to various screen sizes. 

Since there were so many interactions and scalable elements, we had to find a way to keep the visitors engaged regardless of the screen size they were using, which we did.

The site was Orbit’s priority which was planned to go live by Christmas. We started developing it in late November, completing all dev-related operations, including QA and migration, in about a month.

Results: A Better Business Outcome, Long-Term

Visually, the new site has been a significant improvement compared to the previous version. It was in line with all brand guidelines, setting a cornerstone for better positioning in the market and, ultimately, an improved overall business outcome in the long run. It helped them gain an edge over the competition and tell their brand’s story creatively yet effectively.

Moreover, we provided a firm basis for further development of Orbit’s client experience. We continued working with them, adding new pages that showcase the latest solutions created by the Orbit team for its clients. Together, we continue to strive for greatness in the digital space.

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Talented, warm-hearted and friendly team that worked fast in order to accommodate our request of launching before Christmas. The quality was never compromised within the tight time frame. Very flexible to our last-minute changes and very friendly in the communication. Amazing commitment and warm approach.

Andjela Rasovic,

Orbit ︱Fund Boutique

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