What Companies Use Webflow? 5 Websites with Stunning Webflow Development
What Companies Use Webflow? 5 Websites with Stunning Webflow Development

What Companies Use Webflow? 5 Websites with Stunning Webflow Development

Uros Mikic
Uros Mikic
13 Jul
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According to Webflow’s official stats, more than 480,000 websites were created with this tool only in 2021, and these numbers will keep growing every year. Simply put, Webflow has revolutionized designing and developing sites, streamlining the process without limiting creativity. We’re proponents of the good old “actions speak louder than words,” so we decided to show you some examples of visually beautiful and successful websites. Read on. 

Why Put Websites in Webflow

Before we discuss the examples, let’s check what it is that makes Webflow stand out from the pack when it comes to Webflow development.

  • Fast scalability — Websites built with Webflow can make an impression on visitors and potential customers as they can quickly scale whenever directions change. Developing Webflow sites is streamlined, meaning your website can always easily be updated following the latest design trends.
  • No engineering team required — Traditional website building techniques and tools need the engineering team to work on them all the time. Therefore, designers and marketing teams often have their hands tied as there’s so much they can do without devs. The good news is that Webflow offers a low-code/no-code approach, which makes marketers the leading force behind website development. The best thing is that Webflow doesn’t hinder creativity in the process. Of course, building a Webflow site from scratch will still require developers to jump in and help, but once the development process is over, they don’t have to waste hours on maintenance.
  • Superb interactions — Designing animations for a website can be a tiresome process. Luckily, Webflow made this effortless thanks to the powerful tools that give you a chance to create accurate interactions without code. 

Without further ado, let’s check the sites. Think of the descriptions below each example as short Webflow case studies that will help you understand what it is that makes the site at hand different and effective.


Petal is a website promoting a credit card brand. It’s a relatively young company that has put a lot of effort into designing the website, which expresses the focus and direction of the company’s marketing strategy. The two credit cards, which are Petal’s main product, are featured on the landing page and enriched by a stunning interaction, with the cards turning as you scroll down.

Petal features a simple yet captivating color scheme and smart use of whitespace. If you add a smart and clear copy on top of that, you get a superb online experience.

  • Creating a unified marketing strategy through design
  • A young brand with sophisticated, eye-catching elements
  • Design communicates the uniqueness of Petal’s product
  • Color, whitespace, and light are effectively used


Bonsai is marketed as the #1 product suite for freelancers, making the work of independent contractors around the world more accessible and easier. Some of the tools you can find in Bonsai are related to invoicing, payments, contracts, proposals, and more. It’s a comprehensive online experience that could only be delivered with the help of Webflow. The team behind Bonsai solved this complexity of their service by creating a separate landing page for each feature, with Webflow giving it enough freedom to make each page part of the big picture yet unique. 

  • Provides users with a complete set of tools quickly and easily
  • Contains a lot of useful features and functions for users
  • Has dedicated product pages to differentiate their solution.
  • Offers specific education articles to target markets


Homerun is a recruiting service based in the Netherlands. It uses eye-catching images, short videos, and bold copy to attract first-time visitors. Moreover, each section of the site is clearly outlined, and there’s even a client success section that showcases the effects of Homerun. The platform is available in English and Dutch, thanks to localize.js.

  • Image-richness makes Homerun stand out
  • The platform is outlined clearly with specific sections
  • Provides examples of the success their clients have achieved
  • Localize.js is used to serve content across language segments


Lattice is a platform used by human resource professionals for tracking employees' performance, increasing engagement, and encouraging growth. The platform offers a wide array of tools and solutions that make it the ultimate service for HR. All of its products are available via navigation, and customer stories add a nice touch to the entire picture. Of course, the platform that deals with people wants to bring people to the front, which is why the perfect combination of carefully placed customer stories, concise copy, and Webflow makes Lattice what it is.

  • Provides teaching proof to differentiate their products
  • A strong, simple, and unconfusing navigation
  • A streamlined design makes users more likely to connect
  • Trust is built through social endorsements


Upwork is the leading global platform for freelancers, meaning it where they can find work and collaborate with clients. It follows that companies can also publish open positions and search for professionals using the platform. Even though the entire platform uses a different technology, many pages are created with the help of Webflow. These are mostly pages aimed at visitors who are still considering using Upwork or want to learn more about the platform (and the nature of freelance work in general).

The Flow Ninja team has been actively working with Upwork, focusing on the resource center and blog. The resource center alone has more than 1,500 pages based on Webflow templates and harnesses the power of Webflow’s CMS.

  • Webflow was used to develop the Resource Center
  • Landing pages developed with Webflow, in addition to many projects that require fast turnaround, such as the Moms campaign.
  • Easily navigable and discoverable content
  • Building tools and guides

Go with Flow Ninja

Having a website that can tell a captivating story about your business via design and copy is imperative nowadays for all businesses aiming to reach wider audiences. 

However, staying up-to-date with the latest design, development, and marketing trends and staying competitive is difficult if every little change on your website requires deploying your entire development team. Webflow has cut that step almost entirely and put websites into the hands of the marketing people, with developers only jumping in to help from time to time. Such an approach speeds up website building. 

More importantly, Webflow improves the entire design & development process, helping you launch and edit websites much faster compared to other website building tools.

Of course, creativity plays an essential role in the building process, which is why some websites on Webflow are better and more effective than others. That’s why our team decided to showcase the power of Webflow through the concrete examples listed above.

If you’re interested in getting the most from Webflow, feel free to get in touch with Flow Ninja.

Uros Mikic

Uros Mikic

Since 2015, Uros has mastered Webflow, developing everything from full games to enterprise solutions. His expertise led to the creation of Flow Ninja, aimed at using Webflow to help clients scale their businesses and accelerate growth.

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