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Growth Alley Case Study: Helping an Agency Achieve Full Potential

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About the Company

Growth Alley is the brainchild of Maja, a performance marketing guru with 13+ years of industry experience and a substantial portfolio. She helped 200+ businesses grow from the start, some of them scaling to 10-figure companies.

Maja and Growth Alley are marketed as a growth partner, helping businesses scale through social advertisements while setting up the foundation for further development. The agency focuses on popular media, including Meta advertising, TikTok, Pinterest, and more, offering consulting services to any company looking to grow through social advertising.

How It Started: Growth Alley and Flow Ninja

With an arsenal of powerful skills, Maja decided to found Growth Alley. Launching the company website was one of the primary goals at the very beginning, and that’s how she chose to get in touch with Flow Ninja.

Maja needed a website to market her new brand and convey her mission and vision. On top of that, she wanted a site that would not take long hours to maintain and update. Webflow was a logical choice for this, so we partnered with Growth Alley and assisted with designing and developing a website.

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The Solution

Our Approach: Designing and Building from the Ground Up

Growth Alley was a young project, and Maja was just taking the first steps toward starting a business of her own. Therefore, not much was available to work with in terms of information, but that wasn’t an issue as the client was able to communicate her brand vision and mission clearly and thoroughly. Moreover, the only visual asset we had was Growth Alley’s logo. 

In other words, we didn’t have any meetings with brand, marketing, or content teams, as those weren’t established yet. The client gave us all the creative freedom while asking us to express the mission and vision through design, which was a challenge Flow Ninja’s design team was eager to tackle. 

The client wanted to be included in the site-building process, providing regular feedback on every iteration while maintaining constructive communication.

Designing the Website — the Flow Ninja Way

Since the logo had a slight color gradient, we were able to pinpoint a couple of essential colors and used the gradient itself as a starting point. 

To understand the client’s needs, we used the colors and the gradient to create three different mood boards and present them.

  • Mood board #1 — We emphasized the gradient with a darker background while using a sans-serif font on an unusual layout with 3D elements. All in all, it was eccentric and bold. 
  • Mood board #2 — This one was more subtle, with no color gradients. Instead, we used several related colors on bright white background. Moreover, we decided to use huge offset typography accompanied by cool images depicting Growth Alley and its line of work.
  • Mood board #3 — This was the most elegant solution, with a dominant off-white color, subtle use of gradient, serif font, and lines instead of blocks as dividers.

Our design team internally picked Mood board #3 as the most suitable solution, and the client felt the same, agreeing that the third solution was the closest to her brand.

The designers tested several art directions based on the mood board the client picked. After a couple of iterations, we had a clear picture of what the final site should look like while ensuring we were on the same page with the client.

Shortly after, we had a clear picture of what the homepage would look like.

Developing Growth Alley

In the meantime, the client provided a copy for the page, and we completed the design and development process within a month, which also included several revisions. 

The developers focused on accessibility and speed to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find relevant information. Building the site in Webflow was an advantage, helping us achieve development goals in the shortest time possible.

The website had the form of a portfolio, aiming to showcase Growth Alley’s services and Maja’s past work, so there weren’t many pages on the site. Therefore, we had room to focus on making the website interactive with plenty of delicate and engaging animations. 

This allowed us to create a website that was both engaging and functional, with minimal distractions and a clear focus on Growth Alley’s services and use cases. The use of animations also provided a more dynamic interface and helped to convey their message in an effective and visually appealing way.

Since Growth Alley has considerable potential to grow in the future (after all, Maja is an expert in growing companies), we found it imperative to provide a stable basis for further website scaling. We created CMS collections for case studies, testimonials, company logos, and more, making it easy for the client to add new content in the future.

We then onboarded the client and educated her on using Webflow, ensuring she could update the website herself. 


The results were visible as soon as the development was completed: the brand tone matched the design, and the website was entirely adjusted to the client’s needs. Moreover, the client was onboarded and educated on Webflow’s functionalities as we handed the keys to running the site to her. In short, the client can easily update the site’s content, which is crucial for her line of business.

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Working with Flow Ninja has completely exceeded my expectations - the quality of work, efficiency of organization and communication and of course working with lovely people was outstanding. I would recommend anyone to work with Flow Ninja and hope I´ll work with them again in the future.

Maja Koenig

Founder & CEO, Growth Alley

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