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After working in Webflow for more than 5 years, we’ve started to get into a Flow of doing things in a unique way on Webflow.

Flow Ninja Team
Part of Flow Ninja team

I’m not going to say that we’ve invented this way of Development in Webflow. We’ve just taken many trails and errors while developing the sites and tried many different approaches to development we’ve seen in the Community. This is basically us taking small bits and pieces from many other places and putting it together into our workflow.

Why not BEM ?

We do not think Webflow is a Design tool. We feel it is made for Developers or Designers who are interested in learning Development.

So a natural flow would be to accommodate using BEM for class naming. This is a good way to name classes in CSS, but it didn’t work for us.

Why? Well I would say it is not using the Webflow’s potential to the fullest:

  • It has a large learning curve, so not everyone will understand it.
  • If our clients or someone who is still not a Webflow Development Expert has to access the site they wouldn’t have any ideas on how to go ahead and update elements on it, without messing up the whole site.
  • Creating classes in Webflow is fast and easy to manage, so there’s no reason not to create a custom class when needed.
  • We feel it is much faster to type class names like Your Custom Class instead of using your-custom-class directly in Webflow and speed up the workflow of development even more.

Who's this concept for?

This is in no way a replacement for Webflow University. We wouldn’t be here if Grímur didn’t create the most amazing courses and guides for Webflow.

This is created for:

  • Our Team Internally: As we scale to more Webflow Ninjas, we want everyone to be on the same page and that anyone from our team understands the codebase
  • Flow Ninja Unlimited Customers: We’re in the process of building a unique flow of development in Webflow with many custom components and templates this is going to be a core place to check how to customize our products.
  • Flow Ninja Clients: We want to have a single place where our clients can come and figure out how their Website works and how can they update it.
  • Beginner Webflowers: This will be a great starting point to get your first workflow when developing in Webflow if you’re just starting out.
  • Webflow Agences and Experts: We do know that if you’re at an Expert level you already have a Workflow of your own. But this can be a great way to see if there are some tricks you can implement in your own flow and optimize it even more.

We highly recommend cloning the Ninja Unlimited Starter below to use for your next project if you want to use our System of Developing.