Webflow Designer & Webflow Editor/CMS – What’s the Difference?

Webflow Designer & Webflow Editor/CMS – What’s the Difference?

Uros Mikic
June 22, 2022
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Many new members of the Webflow family mix up Webflow Designer and Webflow Editor. Both are outstanding tools that can help you make superb online experiences, but they aren’t the same thing. Therefore, to kickstart your Webflow website development journey, you need to understand the difference between the two.

Webflow Designer

The Designer is responsible for creating the website design and other important elements, including website structure, interactions, animations, and content you’ll put on the pages. It allows writing custom code for making expert-level websites and other experiences, including landing pages, prototypes, and more.

Webflow Designer is all about the visual manipulation of code. In other words, you won’t have to write any code if you don’t want to, as you’ll use the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to combine and arrange the visual elements to create a site. During that process, the Designer automatically writes clean and semantic code for you. To put it another way, once you complete your website with this tool, you’ll have its entire code written for you.

The Designer is much more intuitive compared to older website builders, especially because it doesn’t require knowing how to code. Still, to get professional websites, you will have to undergo training and understand how to get the most from Webflow.

Webflow Editor

The Editor is mainly focused on your website content. In other words, you can only use Webflow Editor to edit and manage the content without access to editing the design, animations, structure, and so on. The Editor is a content management system (CMS) with a user-friendly interface and a set of tools for managing and optimizing your published content. Therefore, it can assist you with on-page search engine optimization (SEO) and ensure your site ranks better on Google and other search engines.

The best thing about Webflow Editor is that you can give the collaborator access to members of your marketing team so that they can make live edits to your website without having to include the engineers in the process.

Key Differences Between the Designer and Editor

Let’s check the main differences between the two tools.


Webflow revolutionized how we create websites and keep them updated both visually and content-wise. Its two primary tools can help you develop and edit sites in an easy and intuitive way. The best thing is that you don’t have to learn to code to come up with a site.

If you want experts’ help in creating visual marvels using Webflow Designer & Editor, feel free to contact Flow Ninja.

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