Is Webflow a Good Website Builder for You?

Is Webflow a Good Website Builder for You?

Mihajlo Ivanovic
November 18, 2022
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Created for design professionals, Webflow provides a code-free way to build beautiful websites. It is designed in such a way to provide all the possible freedom to experienced designers and developers to cross the boundaries of the known web design space and explore beyond them.

This is mainly possible thanks to the drag-and-drop tool called Webflow Designer and an easy editor with CMS capabilities called Webflow CMS. In addition to these, Webflow also offers a vast template library, as well as eCommerce capabilities.

Webflow’s purpose is much more than just building websites. It’s all about unleashing creative power. The real question here — is Webflow suitable for anyone?

In this article, we’ll explore whether Webflow will become the next go-to website builder for both casual and professional users.

Webflow as a Website Builder

Webflow can be used for building a broad spectrum of websites — from simple one-pagers to comprehensive sites with thousands of items. What uniques all of them is the great functionality that Webflow made possible.

Once the design and development parts are over, you can use Webflow as a content management system and fill in your site with content and make quick edits whenever necessary.

As mentioned in the introduction, the two main tools that Webflow offers are Designer and CMS.

  • Webflow Designer — Used for designing and building websites with little to no code. Designers and developers mainly use this to put their ideas into practice.
  • Webflow CMS — The CMS can be used by designers, writers, editors, content strategists, and even developers to add, modify, and remove dynamic content on the website quickly.  

Hosting Options

Webflow offers an all-in-one package for anyone interested in getting a website built or using Webflow to build sites for others. It means once a website is completed, you can also host it on Webflow in a few simple steps, which saves you the trouble of searching for a hosting service and setting up the site on it. Moreover, Webflow’s hosting is developed to work hand-in-hand with its other features.

Should you decide to use Webflow’s hosting services, check out the available site plans to learn more. No matter which plan you pick, you can rest assured that the moment your website is live, the hosting technologies by Webflow will ensure maximum uptime and fast loading times, positively affecting the overall experience and SEO rankings. Moreover, the site will also be able to scale quickly and accept whatever traffic is generated by your site, thanks there are more than 100 data centers and servers used by Webflow around the globe.

Webflow also pays a lot of attention to the overall security of the hosted websites, enabling the use of SSL certificates and providing an HTTP/2-compliant infrastructure.


Even though building your websites from scratch is streamlined, Webflow made the entire process quicker by providing more than 100 templates, 40 of which are entirely free. The template page lets you quickly filter them based on your industry, price, eCommerce feature, and more. Of course, it’s possible to preview all templates in detail before making your pick.

All templates were created with responsiveness in mind, meaning they will automatically update for small screens.

The premium templates come in all shapes and sizes, with their prices varying from $19 to $149. The most common price range is between $49 and $79.

The Flow Ninja team also contributed to the overall selection of Webflow templates, so feel free to browse our collection as well if you want to kickstart your Webflow journey.

Webflow Advantages

Here’s a short overview of the most essential features of Webflow to help you decide if this platform is the right choice for you.

  • The gap between the visual mocks and the final product is completely closed with Webflow.
  • Design iterations are much faster with no sacrifice in quality, and all changes can be published with a single click.
  • The CMS used at Webflow is client-facing, giving them access to quickly change dynamic content on the website.
  • There are tools for designers to create unique and accurate interactions.
  • Designers can access the final product, giving them more power and creativity.
  • Developers can speed up the development process without relying on external plugins that can impact the site’s functionality.
  • Development time is shorter thanks to the low-code/no-code approach used by Webflow.

As a business, you’ll enjoy some of the following advantages:

  • You’ll spend less time and money on design and development.
  • Your employees will learn Webflow basics faster, as it’s much easier to use compared to other website builders.
  • You’ll enjoy the client billing section that automatically bills your clients and help you control the profit margin.
  • If you’re a web design and development agency, you’ll be able to quickly make your clients happy and improve overall relations with them.

Learning & Support

Webflow's team is passionate about educating users and providing top-notch support to new and existing customers. 

A quick look at Webflow's main website will show you there is a wealth of written and video tutorials explaining every single aspect of the platform. The most valuable stuff is part of the popular Webflow Academy, which covers everything — from basic concepts to specific integrations. All guides and tutorials are public and free of charge.

Webflow also features a fantastic community that is eager to help via the Webflow forum. Moreover, there’s a great Made in Webflow section on the site, where you can explore other people’s works and even clone some of them as your project.

Building with Webflow

So, is Webflow a good Website builder for you? No matter the requirements, the answer is definitely yes. 

You only need to pick the right pricing plan based on your requirements. If you’re not sure which one works best for you, check out our pricing page explanation blog. Alternatively, you can join Webflow free of charge and explore most of its features that way. Once you’re ready to work on more complex projects, you can consider upgrading to one of the paid plans.

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