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Input Fields

When working with input fields each one of our projects comes with some coded defaults.

In order to have the best possible experience for the users we’re using:

Nice Select JS

  • Used to create custom dropdowns that look nice
  • Used to create scrolable select dropdowns
  • Used for Country selectors

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Custom Validation Messages

  • It is much better to alert the user if the field is not pre filled correctly with a custom message before they submit the form.
  • That’s why we’re adding this specific logic and design to all input fields

*Free Resource coming soon...

All States

Designing all states like:

  • Hover
  • Focus
  • Default
  • Pre Filled
  • Error
  • Active

Naming Input Fields

  • Each input field needs to have a specific name connected to it
  • Make sure each input has the proper type selected e.g. Number or Email
  • Each input needs to have a Unique ID


When adding forms to Webflow there are few items we should take care of like:

  • Each form needs to have a unique name
  • If there are multiple forms of the same type on different pages they need to have the same name
  • We need to make sure that the forms are going to the proper CRM of the clients choice