The 7 Best Webflow Resource Sites for Your Next Project

The 7 Best Webflow Resource Sites for Your Next Project

Uros Mikic
June 15, 2022
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We enjoy using Webflow for building websites as it’s quick and easy. We love how there’s always something more to learn, some cool features to explore, and some innovative templates to use. Therefore, we decided to share some of the best resources for Webflow that could further improve your website building experience with this fantastic tool.

Without further ado, let’s check the resources out and see how they can help you.

Webflow Showcase

Webflow Showcase is an official section on Webflow’s website, where you can discover work from other Webflow enthusiasts and professionals who are part of the highly-engaging community. You can find animations, interactions, templates, and other works related to CMS, e-commerce, portfolio sites, and more. Some of them are true works of art.

While many projects are only available for inspiration, some are marked as Cloneable, meaning you can clone the entire project and play around with it in Webflow. This is a great way to discover the possibilities of Webflow, especially if you’re new to website development. The best thing is that all websites that are cloneable are free.

You can also follow some artists and be up-to-date with their latest work.

Our team has also published some work on Webflow Showcase, and here’s a quick overview:

  • Connecting Hubspot to Webflow — This project is also a sort of tutorial that shows you the four major ways to integrate Hubspot with Webflow. There’s also a video we’ve published that further explains this.
  • Webflow CMS Sliders with Swiper JS — Explore our eight sliders, use them in your next project, and connect them easily to your CMS.
  • Our Webflow Style Guide — We decided to take the ideas and concepts from our successful project and come up with our unique Webflow style guide that you can explore via Webflow Showcase.

Make sure to check out some work done by other great designers.

  • Cards - Webflow UI Kit — A great user interface kit with all typography elements, icons, tags, buttons, and more for anyone who wants to feature cool cards on their websites.
  • 20 CSS Button Hover Styles — A collection of hover styles that you can use to make your website more interactive.
  • Headline Highlight — A simple highlight effect for headlines on your website.
  • Motion Hover Effect — A superb hover effect combined with distorted images. 

Webflow University

Like it or not, the best resources for Webflow are made by no other than Webflow. It features a section on the site called Webflow University, which offers free courses and lessons for anyone interested in learning the basics and mastering the popular Website builder. There are hundreds of tutorial videos covering the majority of tools and features available on Webflow.

All courses are divided into beginner and advanced courses. You can search individual lessons based on what you want to learn, as they are also categorized by the features they cover, such as elements, layout & design, interactions & animations, and more. 

Here are some lessons we really enjoyed at the university.

  • Keyboard shortcuts in Webflow — Learn more about shortcuts while using Webflow to speed up your website development process.
  • 21-day design portfolio course — This course will help you build your first portfolio website using Webflow in 21 days. It’s a beginner-to-advanced course with a comprehensive overview of Webflow’s features.
  • Figma to Webflow — Learn how the design works in Figma and how it’s created in Webflow.
  • CMS & dynamic content — Get familiar with Webflow’s CMS and how to build custom sites with dynamic content with it. Learn how to define the structure and style of your content.
  • CSS Grid in Webflow — A detailed guide to using the CSS grid with Webflow. Learn how to get better control of your design and make your sites faster and more responsive.


Memberstack is a tool specializing in making membership-type of websites. It’s a great piece of software that can be combined with Webflow to get the best possible result. However, it’s worth mentioning that Webflow has already launched the beta phase of a membership website feature of its own, which will likely be a better option for Webflow users once it’s completed. Until then, Memberstack is the next best thing.


Optily is a simple tool that can help you optimize your Webflow CMS images quickly without affecting their quality. The entire process is almost entirely automatic and can reduce image data use by up to 80%. It’s a great piece of software for anyone who uses a lot of images on their Webflow site and can save you hours of manual work.

Optily uses the credits system to optimize your images, and you can buy 2,000 credits for $29.00 or 15,000 credits for $99.99


Zapier is an automation tool that can help you connect two or more apps and automate processes that include them. Even though it’s not really a Webflow resource, it’s used by thousands of Webflow developers to save on manual labor and automate whatever can be automated with no code. The intuitive user interface lets you quickly “zap” different apps and dictate to them what to do.

Zapier is free for 100 tasks a month, but the princess can go up to $599 a month, depending on the scope of your project.


Hubspot is the ultimate system for inbound marketing used by thousands of companies around the globe. It features several different tools that can help you promote your business and create leads.

Technically speaking, Hubspot isn’t a Webflow tool, but it can be connected to Webflow. In fact, there’s more than one way to connect the two, and we covered them all in our free guide.


Animations and interactions are an important part of Webflow, and Lottieflow offers Lottie files that are compatible with your Webflow site. In other words, you can enrich your site with lightweight animations designed with Webflow in mind. Downloading and using them on the site is quick and easy. The best part is that all of these animations are available absolutely free of charge.

We often rely on these animations and have experience using them when building websites. Here’s a quick overview of the animations and interactions we like the most and find the most useful.


Flowmingo is marketed as a Webflow training platform that also features templates. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the Mini Projects section which features short courses that take less than an hour to complete and teach you to do exciting things with Webflow. The templates section is still relatively small, as the main focus is on the courses.

Flowmingo’s courses aren’t free. There’s a lifetime access fee to all courses, projects, and the community for $450. However, the project also offers the $650 lifetime access version, where you can also get a one-on-one call for help or feedback with one of the professionals from Flowmingo.

Flowmingo’s creator, Mackenzie Child, is also an active YouTuber focusing on web design and development. His channel currently has 68k+ subscribers, and we found some of his videos very useful for Webflow users. Some of his most popular videos are:

Last, But Not Least: Flow Ninja

Flow Ninja is us. If you’ve read our blog posts before, you might already know what we do and what makes us stand out from the pack. In case you landed for the first time on our site, here’s a quick overview.

We like to call ourselves the “go-to” Webflow partner for anyone interested in building a site using the popular tool. Our team includes expert Webflow designers and developers who are already working with some popular global brands, such as Upwork. Moreover, we’re listed as Webflow’s enterprise partner. 

We offer both free resources and paid Webflow templates that can help you kickstart your Webflow journey and assist you with building your site faster. In addition to providing Webflow services, Flow Ninja features a range of helpful Webflow resources. Moreover, we’re currently building the Ninja Academy, which already features several useful and easy Webflow tutorials free of charge. Finally, we have a Webflow blog dedicated to everything related to the popular Website builder and hosting platform.

Here are some of our free resources you can check out.

If you’re interested in having your website designed and built by professionals, give us a call, and share your ideas with us.

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November 09 // Milentijeva 13, Nis //
November 09 // Milentijeva 13, Nis //
November 09 // Milentijeva 13, Nis //
November 09 // Milentijeva 13, Nis //
November 09 // Milentijeva 13, Nis //
November 09 // Milentijeva 13, Nis //
November 09 // Milentijeva 13, Nis //
November 09 // Milentijeva 13, Nis //

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