Best Webflow Plugins to Look for in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best Webflow Plugins to Look for in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Mihajlo Ivanovic
Mihajlo Ivanovic
7 mins
30 Oct
Table of content
Table of Contents

Webflow is expanding, with new plugins and apps being launched more frequently than ever. All of these additions can help you improve your design, development, SEO, and content management experience while using Webflow.

In the following article, I will cover some of the best options that we often rely on when building and maintaining Webflow sites.

What Are Webflow Apps, Plugins, Add-ons, and Integrations? How Are They Different?

Before I proceed, I need to discuss the vocabulary closely associated with Webflow additions quickly. Even though Webflow has official names for all of them, there’s no general consensus among users on what plugins, apps, add-ons, and integrations are. Therefore, I decided to clear things up before proceeding with this blog.

  • Webflow plugins — This is a general name for anything that can be added to your Webflow experience and helps you with it, either as a browser extension or a Designer app.
  • Webflow apps — Webflow recently launched the Apps section, which allows you to install apps directly to your Designer, adding consistency. Some of these apps were formerly just extensions or integrations.
  • Webflow add-ons — The term add-ons can also refer to browser extensions and Designer apps. It’s another
  • Webflow integrations — These are external tools that aren’t built specifically for Webflow but are often used with it, including Mailchimp or Greenhouse. They are connected either via Zapier or APIs. Some that are commonly used with Webflow, such as Hubspot, even have their own app now. Since their number is quite high, we devoted a special section on our site covering just integrations and how to connect each integration.
  • Webflow extensions — These are plugins that are mainly browser extensions.

I’ll use the terms plugins and apps interchangeably, as I believe these are close synonyms.

Webflow’s introduction of the Apps section is a step towards bringing this somewhat chaotic cluster of additions to one place, and it seems to be working well. Moreover, some of these apps are tailored exclusively for Designer, meaning they aren’t available outside the Webflow sphere.

This is exactly what I want to focus on in this guide. The main benefit of using Webflow Apps is that they were reviewed by the Webflow team, ensuring they’re worth being added to the exclusive list. It means all available apps were carefully audited and added only if they met Webflow’s strict criteria.

Where to Find Webflow Apps?

Webflow apps are available via the Webflow Marketplace. You can find all the apps here. At the moment, there are 58 apps available, but their number will likely grow in time. 

Being a relatively small list, I decided to go through it and test all of them to see which ones are really worth it. It turns out that most of them are quite good, which is a testament to Webflow’s dedication to quality. 

Best Free Webflow Plugins and Apps

The first thing I realized when researching free apps is that few of them are truly free. Most apps have some free features, but to achieve their full potential, you’d still have to consider purchasing one of the paid plans. Here’s an overview of popular apps.

Data Goat

As GA4 is difficult to connect and use with Webflow, many users didn’t have an option that would bridge the gap between the two solutions until Data Goat. Essentially, this app uses Google Analytics data and shows it right in Webflow Designer for each individual page or for the entire site. This saves a lot of time for those who struggle to connect Google’s analytics tool with Webflow.

Some of the main features include:

  • Custom event tracking
  • Clicks tracking
  • Form submissions
  • Post tracking

Data Goat is available free of charge. The team behind this tool is currently working on premium features.

Rating: 5.0/5

Main Features:

  • Seamlessly connects Webflow sites with Google Analytics 4 for comprehensive user behavior insights.
  • Tracks custom events, form submissions, clicks, post types, and general user sessions.
  • In-depth tracking for individual page performance.
  • Monitors website clicks, top-viewed pages, and outbound link clicks.
  • Easily integrates with Webflow, aligning with its no-code principles.

Price: Free


Vidzflow offers a clean and highly customizable video player made exclusively for hosting Webflow videos. You can adjust settings like autoplay, brand color, play button customization, and use raw video files, especially useful for background videos.

The platform aims to keep the video player free of distractions such as ads and unrelated links, which are common on platforms like YouTube. 

Moreover, Vidzflow supports a wide range of video formats, including mp4, mov, avi, mkv, mpg, and webm. This versatility ensures compatibility with a variety of content types and sources

Rating: 5.0/5

Main Features:

  • Clean and distraction free video player with no ads.
  • Easy to install and use to embed video in your Webflow project.
  • Buffer-free and stall-proof playback for 10x faster start time
  • SEO-friendly videos

Price: Free plan, paid starts at $9


Slater is a tool designed to address the challenges faced by Webflow users who seek to integrate custom code into their projects seamlessly. Its mission is to simplify and streamline implementing custom code within the Webflow platform.

In other words, it overcomes some of the limitations regarding custom code that Webflow imposes.

As of recently, Slater has added AI functionality.

The free version is only limited to 10 projects, and you can only publish to staging without actually going live with the free version. The paid version costs $10 per user and enables publishing to production, with a maximum limit of 100 projects.

Rating: 4.7/5

Main Features:

  • Simplifies custom code creation with AI assistance.
  • Allows smooth integration with the Webflow platform.
  • Supports multiple users working simultaneously on the same project.
  • Reduces the time spent on repetitive development tasks.

Price: Free plan, $10 paid plan

Finsweet Table

Finsweet Table is a free Webflow plugin that allows you to add and manage tables to your website easily. With Finsweet Table, you can create responsive and interactive tables with a variety of features, such as filtering, sorting, and searching.

Rating: 4.5/5

Main Features: 

  • Utilizes HTML tags like <table>, <tr>, <th>, <td>, and <caption> for creating accessible tables.
  • Allows users to easily import data into tables by copying from a spreadsheet or uploading a CSV file.
  • Tables can be added and edited directly in the Webflow Designer canvas
  • Offers full design control by allowing users to add custom CSS classes to table elements like rows, headers, footers, and cells.

Rating: Free


Unsplash is a free stock photo website that offers high-quality photos that you can use for any purpose, including commercial use. Unsplash photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license, which means you don't need to ask permission or give credit to the photographer.

With the free Webflow plugin, it’s much easier to find and add photos to your website. 

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Main Features:

  • Directly insert beautiful images from Unsplash into Webflow designs.
  • Users can search and filter Unsplash's extensive library

Pricing: Free


Wized is a versatile platform that serves as the bridge between your Webflow website and your database. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities to enhance your web application development. 

Simply put, if you’re looking to build an app via Webflow and use Webflow capabilities as your app’s frontend, Wized is a must-have tool.

The free version only allows publishing to subdomain, with fair-use page views and 5% fee on Stripe transactions. Paid plans allow much more flexibility and start at $20 per month.

Rating: 4.8/5 

Main Features

  • Enables triggering actions within the web application, such as initiating requests, working with forms, and more.
  • Facilitates the exchange of data with connected app
  • Provides functionalities for user sign-up, login, logout, password reset, and magic password-free login systems
  • Offers transparent error reporting to understand and solve problems directly within the Wized configurator.
  • Allows in-depth view and management of the data layer of the web application.

Pricing: Free, but paid plans range from $20 to $120

Simple Icons

Simple Icons is a website with hundreds of free icons, and the free app allows Webflow Design users to quickly find the most suitable ones and add them to their Wefblow project. It’s quite a simple solution, really, but it saves a lot of time.

Rating: 4.2 / 5

Main Features:

  • Easily search for brand icons and insert them within the Webflow Designer with just one click
  • User-friendly interface for effortless integration
  • For certain brands, it provides the ability to check the brand guidelines (if provided by the brand)

Pricing: Free

Top Paid Webflow Plugins and Apps

Let’s check out the best Webflow apps that require some form of one-off payment or ongoing subscription.


Typeform makes it super easy to add forms to your Webflow page. Although functionalities might be limited, you can still enjoy using the basic features, including the AI feature that can help you create a full form just based on your input. It’s also possible to integrate Typeform in other ways, but the one with the app is currently the most straightforward one.

Rating: 4.3 / 5

Main Features:

  • Easy embedding of forms into Webflow projects without requiring any coding.
  • Fully customize the design of their forms within Webflow, ensuring that the forms are always on-brand.
  • The app integrates with over 120 tools, including CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp and automation platforms like Zapier and Make.
  • Users can set up notifications with collaboration tools such as Slack, Airtable, and more.

Pricing: From $25


Lokalise is an app for localizing your website and its content. It offers a range of translation solutions tailored to specific business needs, including professional language service providers, machine translation engines, and Lokalise AI. 

Teams can closely monitor the status of translation tasks, track remaining words for translation, address unverified issues, and receive timely notifications upon translation completion. Overall, it’s a comprehensive localization tool that can now be used directly from Designer.

This tool’s pricing plans start at $120 a month.

Rating: 4.6 / 5

Main Features:

  • Streamlined way to localize Webflow content, allowing marketing teams to fully manage their localization processes
  • import content from Webflow static pages or collection items into Lokalise and then export the translated content
  • professional language service providers, machine translation engines, and Lokalise AI

Price: Lowest plan $120, highest $825


Memberstack is a platform that allows website creators to easily add membership and user authentication functionality to their websites without requiring extensive coding or technical expertise. It integrates seamlessly with various website builders, such as Webflow, allowing you to create membership sites, subscription models, gated content, and user profiles. With Memberstack, you can manage member access, subscriptions, and user authentication, making it a valuable tool for businesses and content creators looking to offer exclusive content or build online communities.

Rating: 4.6 / 5

Main Features:

  • Total control over member management, including managing plans, membership status, and user data within the Memberstack backend.
  • Secure and encrypted user authentication, supporting various login methods including social logins
  • The app integrates with Stripe for payment processing, supporting 135+ currencies, various payment methods.
  • Memberstack offers numerous integrations, allowing data synchronization between Memberstack and other tools using Webhooks, Zapier, or Make.

Price: $29 to $99, but free if you are between 18 to 22 or building a project for Webflow Community.

Jasper AI

Jasper is one of the most popular AI writer assistants. It’s a great option for writing microcopy or even entire blog posts. Webflow now allows you to get Jasper’s assistance right in Webflow Designer, streamlining the copywriting process. After the free trial, the most affordable pricing package comes at $39 a month, making Jasper a helpful yet costly solution.

Rating: 4.4 / 5

Main Features:

  • Generate a variety of content, including blog posts, product descriptions, ad copy, and social media captions.
  • Jasper AI offers over 50 templates for different content types.
  • Users can train Jasper to mimic their brand's voice, creating content that aligns with their brand's tone and style.
  • Jasper AI includes SEO mode for optimizing content for search engines and integrates with Grammarly

Price: Starts at $39 per seat


Whalesync is a versatile data synchronization tool that seamlessly connects your Webflow content management system (CMS) with various other popular tools and platforms. With Whalesync, you can effortlessly set up real-time, two-way data syncing between Webflow and tools like Airtable, Notion, Shopify, Postgres, HubSpot, and more. This integration allows you to expand the capabilities of your Webflow website, enabling tasks such as generating landing pages, updating blog content, managing e-commerce products, and more, with great flexibility.

Rating: 4.2 / 5

Main Features

  • Real-time, two-way synchronization between different apps without requiring any coding. 
  • Integration with a variety of tools such as Airtable, Notion, Shopify, Postgres, HubSpot, Webflow, and more.
  • It facilitates writing and collaborating on content in tools like Notion, with automatic publishing to live websites.

Price: $99 a month or custom

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the world of Webflow is evolving rapidly, with a plethora of apps and plugins designed to enhance your web development and content management experience. These additions can significantly boost your project's capabilities, whether you're aiming to improve design, development, SEO, or content localization. 

Here are my top 3 selections of the best tools. 

  1. Data Goat — Bridges the gap between Google Analytics and Webflow with custom event tracking, clicks tracking, and more.
  2. Jasper AI — An AI writer assistant that streamlines the copywriting process directly in Webflow Designer.
  3. Wized — Acts as a bridge between your Webflow site and your database, offering versatile capabilities.

Of course, I recommend exploring the Webflow Apps section and finding the ones that work best for your project. 

Mihajlo Ivanovic

Mihajlo Ivanovic

Mihajlo is the one who replaces Lorem Ipsum texts with the actual copy - an SEO and content expert at Flow Ninja. He has 10+ years of experience as a content writer for various industries. He also plays bass occasionally.

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