Does Webflow Have Templates? Flow Ninja Knows
Does Webflow Have Templates? Flow Ninja Knows

Does Webflow Have Templates? Flow Ninja Knows

Uros Mikic
Uros Mikic
7 Jul
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Even though Webflow lets you create websites from scratch without writing a single line of code, having a template to kickstart your journey is a welcome sight for many creators. This article will discuss Webflow templates and show you some of our work. Read on.

Webflow Templates to Tout

Developing a website quickly without skipping any essential parts of the development is something Webflow is known for, and adding templates to the equation means an even faster development process.

Webflow templates are used by companies and individuals alike to create a website more effectively without having to deal with every single detail right from the start. 

In a way, templates are perfect for companies that don’t like to waste too much time on the design process. Therefore, when an organization wants to have a website as quickly as possible, using a template might help them, especially if the template itself is designed to support the industry the company’s in.

Here at Flow Ninja, we have an overflow of creativity from time to time. Whenever such a thing happens with our designers, they get an opportunity to express themselves by designing themes. Our templates are highly customizable and give clients a chance to build and edit websites efficiently.

Free Webflow Templates

First of all, let’s check the best free Webflow templates built by Flow Ninja. Please note that you can preview both our free and paid templates.

Fitnesso,” a Fit for Fitness

Fitnesso is an ideal choice for personal fitness trainers and even gyms — basically anyone offering fitness services. The theme has an array of features that can help online coaches collect more leads, get in touch with new clients, and more. It’s a responsive template with a wide array of highly-adjustable elements.

  • Enhances the sales process for fitness services
  • Offers an option to collect emails for leads
  • Establishes a consulting schedule
  • Offers attractive resources

Low-Cost Webflow Templates

If you’re looking for budget-friendly but still effective templates for your business, take a look at the following two options. These are most suitable for individuals and small businesses.

Grafi” Takes Business Global

Grafi is a perfect option for all self-starters and creative individuals who want to start a blog or a podcast. It offers an organized layout where you can create reading lists and provide users with a great overview of the content published on your site. You can set up a personal site with Grafi in minutes.

  • Optimizes posts for publication
  • Provides a place for podcasts
  • Presents stories to busy prospects
  • Users are engaged with interactive features

Namaste” Knows Wellness

Yoga, meditation, or any other kind of self-care and wellness, has become in demand nowadays. There’s no way to offer these services than with a template that helps you do just that. The feature-filled Namaste template will offer visitors and potential customers a great way to get familiar with your services.

  • Optimized for offering wellness-related products and services
  • Allows courses to be taken online
  • Provides customers with the information they need to book your classes
  • Retina-ready and with ample fonts

Premium Webflow Templates 

If your business is more complex and requires a detailed approach to website building, it’s time to check one of the following premium Webflow templates available on Flow Ninja.

Colloquium” is in Conference

Colloquium is a template aimed at any organization that sells tickets for online or offline events, with a particular focus on conferences. The template combines the standard Webflow website with Webflow Ecommerce, streamlining the sales process. Once they reach an order confirmation page, you can easily distribute the tickets to shoppers and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Provides event ticketing services
  • Marketing site + online shop all in one
  • Easily navigable and responsive
  • Maximizes the use of Webflow’s CMS

Fundamenta” for Architecture

Fundamenta is a perfect option for architects and architecture studios, as it allows professionals to showcase their design in a perfect environment and have it noticed by website visitors. It works perfectly for interior designs, construction projects, and more. Think of Fundamenta as the cornerstone of a beautiful building you’re going to design.

  • A custom solution used in combination with CMS
  • Displays products and services by designers and architects
  • Engagement made easy for agencies
  • Responsive design and smooth interactions

Moda” Makes a Fashion Moment

Moda simply means fashion in some Slavic languages and is a fitting template for anything fashion-related. Still, we had an ecommerce in mind when we designed Moda, meaning its main purpose is to be an online clothing shop. In addition to clothes, it’s suitable for selling jewelry and other fashion products.

  • Inspired by modernism
  • Clean and responsive template enabling better reach
  • All elements are there for the ultimate commerce experiences
  • All types of forms, fonts, and designs available for further customization

Templates, Ready-to-Flow.

When Webflow templates are combined with the popular website building service, you get the ultimate tool for fulfilling all your marketing and ecommerce goals. Finding the right template is perhaps the most challenging step, as setting it up and launching the site can be done quickly. If you want to set up websites via Webflow templates efficiently and get the most out of a template, make sure to get in touch with us, and let’s discuss available options for working together.

Uros Mikic

Uros Mikic

Since 2015, Uros has mastered Webflow, developing everything from full games to enterprise solutions. His expertise led to the creation of Flow Ninja, aimed at using Webflow to help clients scale their businesses and accelerate growth.

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