Webflow Hosting Explained: Choosing the Right One for Your Business

Webflow Hosting Explained: Choosing the Right One for Your Business

Andrija Djuric
June 30, 2023
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Besides assisting you with creating beautiful sites, Webflow also provides hosting options. Think of Webflow as your ultimate website toolbox. You build, host, and maintain your site through it.

Those who are new to this builder and are exploring Webflow might be confused by the pricing plan and, more specifically, by the hosting options.

That’s why I’ll explain Webflow hosting and how it helps businesses and large organizations with their marketing sites. 

Mind you, I’ll not focus on hosting for small sites (such as portfolios) or how to connect your site once you pick a hosting option, as we have covered that in a separate blog post.

Webflow Plans

Look, Webflow pricing is complex, as it has plenty of plans, which could be quite confusing for a newcomer. We covered it in a blog post in detail, so I recommend checking it out first if you want to understand every single pricing plan.

Going forward, you need only to understand the distinction between site plans and workspaces. 

Workspaces are for companies with in-house designers and developers or agencies offering Webflow design, development, and more, such as Flow Ninja. I’ll not cover it in this blog post. In short, workspaces are all about collaboration.

Site plans, on the other hand, are actually hosting plans. There’s a reason Webflow didn’t use the word “hosting” because you’ll still be able to use Webflow Designer and Webflow Editors, which are free tools if you choose one of Webflow’s hosting solutions.

That’s the thing about Webflow: you cannot buy just hosting. It doesn’t exist as a stand-alone package. You’re buying hosting + everything else you might need to build your site from the ground up, often with no code (or very little code) used in the process.

As I stated in the intro, you’ll get yourself a nice all-in-one website toolbox for creating, publishing and maintaining your site.

The only issue that many businesses might encounter is Webflow’s complexity. Even though it helps you achieve much more, newcomers might be confused with how steep the learning curve is. Even if you decide to build a website by yourself, you’ll still need professional designers, devs, and Webflow experts to show you the best practice.

Webflow Hosting Plans Explained

The “hosting” or Site plans are divided into two categories: General and Ecommerce. If you’re selling things online via your site, you should pick the latter. Everyone else shod select general plans.

In the following section, I’ll briefly overview all hosting plans, what they offer, and their prices.

Webflow Hosting Price

First, let’s take a look at the general plans.

The Business and Enterprise plans also feature accelerated speed and form file upload. Enterprise customers also get uptime SLAs.

This is just a portion of what hosting plans offer. Check Webflow’s official pricing page to learn additional information for each plan related to publishing, CMS, traffic, SEO, interactions, security, and more.

If you’re an ecommerce, you can pick one of the three plans in the table below.

Hosting with Webflow: You’ve Selected the Best Plan for You, so What’s Next?

Webflow isn’t just a builder or a hosting solution. It took a page out of WordPress’ book but also decided to make the entire service more unified than WP, which means more scalable and flexible. This inevitably means that sites on Webflow can have a much bigger business impact.

Still, to get the best from the builder, you’ll need not only Webflow designers and developers but also business professionals who know how to leverage the popular service’s capabilities and help you grow. 

That’s where Flow Ninja comes in. If you’re a business looking to use Webflow and need a reliable Webflow partner, feel free to get in touch.

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