​​Tamara's Journey to Flow Ninja: From Health Worker to Head of Ops
​​Tamara's Journey to Flow Ninja: From Health Worker to Head of Ops

​​Tamara's Journey to Flow Ninja: From Health Worker to Head of Ops

Mihajlo Ivanovic
Mihajlo Ivanovic
22 Mar
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Meet Tamara, our Head of Operations. 

She's an expert in the art of getting things done, so you better make sure your work is up to her standards if you want to stay in her good books!

Born in Niš, she decided to return to her hometown, even though she had her fair share of living in other places. "I was living in Podgorica for seven years, exploring Montenegro far and wide," she proudly said.

Here’s her story.

Tamara’s Road to Flow Ninja

Tamara’s initial idea was to become a health worker. So she enrolled in medical school. 

"My cousin was in the health industry, and I liked it," stated she. "I was a teenager back then. I really had no idea what I wanted to be in life." 

But then she realized that playing doctor with her stuffed animals was much more fun. She continued her education in Belgrade, where she met her future husband and colleague — Stefan. ❤️

In the following couple of years, Tamara changed several different jobs, many of which involved handling and being part of complex projects. "This was essential for developing my management skills, although I was unaware of project management back then." Her most significant achievement before joining Flow Ninja was selling seven cars as a salesperson for a famous Japanese car brand. 

Talk about a fast and furious career move!

Tamara and Flow Ninja: How It Happened?

"While I was working for a car company, Uroš had already founded Flow Ninja. I was the fourth person to join the team, but the first one to assume the role of a project manager," says Tamara. She added that her initial work was just handling the paperwork, or at least that’s what she thought it was. Little did she know...

The scope of work soon skyrocketed, requiring her to take on the full PM role. This was a perfect opportunity for her to showcase her skills gained through the vast work experience before Flow Ninja. She knew that this was a sink-or-swim situation, so she took a deep breath and said: "Bring it on!"

She was learning project management on the go, with the job becoming more demanding as the team expanded.

Having handled dozens of projects successfully and showing all the features of a true leader, Tamara became Head of Operations. She also paved the way for other PMs, educating them and helping them find the best way to go with the flow of our company. 

How’s it going at Flow Ninja, Tamara?

Since Tamara has been part of the Flow Ninja team from the beginning, she couldn’t make up her mind about her favourite memory. She did emphasize that she had a great time at teambuilding excursions, recalling a couple of situations that put a smile on her face. 

Her perfect go-to place during the remote week is the seaside — Greek seaside, to be precise. Although, she added that she had plenty of other locations to explore before giving the final answer.

A Round of Rapid-Fire Questions for Tamara

In the following section, Tamara had to ask a couple of questions as soon as possible!

Could you recommend a movie or a TV show?

T: I’m currently watching Suits, and I enjoy it.

Could you recommend a book?

T: Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. It really inspired me, and it’s an easy read.

Any travel destinations?

T: I haven’t travelled a lot. Mostly to neighbouring countries. I would like to visit exotic seaside locations, such as Maldives or Seychelles. Italy is definitely a great destination. I visited Rome last year and would love to go back. 

Mihajlo Ivanovic

Mihajlo Ivanovic

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