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Upwork Case Study: Rebuilding the Resources Center for the World’s Leading Freelancing Platform

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About the Company

Upwork is a work marketplace headquartered in San Francisco. It is a world-leading platform that allows talent and companies to work together in new ways that unlock their potential. This was demonstrated by Upwork's inclusion on TIME's 2022 List of 100 Most Influential Companies.

The company's platform allows users to hire and collaborate with remote workers from around the world. Clients can post jobs and receive proposals from talented people, browse and buy predefined projects, or get help from a specialized recruiter. 

How It Started: Upwork and Flow Ninja

One of the key areas of the Upwork website is the resource center, where you can find an array of articles, guides, and how-tos, many of which are skill-specific.

Flow Ninja started collaborating with Upwork to improve the resource center, which was WordPress-based at the time. Upwork’s marketing team found it challenging to maintain and upgrade operations related to the resource center. The team could not focus on adding new content and improving the functionalities of the resource center because they had to involve the engineering team in every little change. All in all, it was not feasible to develop the resource center further.

Flow Ninja’s team jumped in to help transition the WP resources center to Webflow, reimagining it entirely along the way.  

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The Solution

Our Approach: Reimagining the Resources Center

Our first step was to restructure the resource center from a user experience perspective so that users could find information quickly and conveniently. We wanted to bring all Upwork resources together in one place.

Therefore, we made in-depth changes to the navigation and the UX of the entire center, and once that was completed, we started designing and developing the center in Webflow.

Webflow’s CMS came in handy in one particular situation — creating separate lists for different types of resources, such as articles, case studies, success stories, and more. We created a total of 40 such lists, which is a testament to how comprehensive Upwork’s resource center is and how complex the management was before the Webflow revamp. 

We also relied on Webflow for making completely customized reports in the resource center.

Results: New Resources Added in Record Time

After redesigning and implementing the new resource center with Webflow, the Upwork marketing team managed to add 3,000+ resources for clients and talents. The entire process is now streamlined, and the resource number continuously grows. Currently, the resource center has around 40 collaborators, all of whom can easily add new content without ongoing challenges requiring the engineering department's attention.

Additionally, Upwork's marketing team was able to test new resource center features quickly, thanks to Webflow and Flow Ninja.

The collaboration between Upwork and Flow Ninja extended beyond the resource center, with our team creating various other custom solutions. For example, our company developed this page, along with many other similar research-based pages, enabling Upwork to avoid using PDF files.

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"Flow Ninja has been an invaluable partner in designing and developing the resource center so that it’s user-friendly and responsive to our team’s needs. Thanks to their expertise and guidance, we’re able to create and modify pages quickly, test new features, and continually improve the performance of our content."

Robert McCauley

Senior Director, Content Marketing at Upwork

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