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If something is really complicated probably you’re doing something wrong. Chill out and come back to it after a cup of coffee or a good nights sleep.

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Project overview

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Style Guide

If you want to kickoff your Webflow project like a true ninja, explore our Flow Starter, each Project/Product at Flow Ninja is based on Flow Starter.

Usability & Design

In order to comply with accessibility on our website and follow the designs closer, there are few steps we take for each Webflow Site.

Search engine optimisation

Few simple things can make your site more friendly for search engines and allow you to rank higher.


Well, all marketing sites have forms and use them to gather leads. That's why it's important we connect all forms on the site properly and check if we're sending leads to proper places.

CMS Pages

This is the key to a good Weblfow site. Set up the CMS properly and clients will love Webflow but if you miss some of these key features, they will think Webflow is broken.


Going back and checking what can be a symbol can help clients use the Webflow site much easier! 

Naming Conventions

Going back and checking what can be a symbol can help clients use the Webflow site much easier! 

Project Settings

Some final tweaks to make it more sexy


Let's make sure we know where our visitors are on the site.

Final Check

You'll find some strange things happening here. Keep a cool head! 

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