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Calendly is a scheduling tool for easy appointment coordination.

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About Calendly

Born from the need to streamline appointment setting, Calendly has evolved into a robust platform that effortlessly synchronizes with multiple calendars, sends automated reminders, and customizes booking preferences. Whether you're a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a large corporation, Calendly's intuitive design caters to a diverse range of scheduling needs.

Why Connect Webflow and Calendly

Integrating Calendly with Webflow transforms your website into more than just an information hub - it becomes a dynamic tool for engagement and growth.

  • Seamless User Experience: Embed Calendly directly into your Webflow site, allowing visitors to schedule appointments without ever leaving your page.
  • Efficiency at its Best: Automate your booking process, reducing back-and-forth communication and freeing up valuable time.
  • Aesthetic Harmony: Customize the Calendly widget to seamlessly blend with your site's design, maintaining brand consistency and visual appeal.

Common Challenges When Integrating Calendly with Webflow

  • Time Zone Confusions: Ensuring that Calendly correctly displays and adjusts for time zones can be a complex task, especially for businesses dealing with international clients.
  • Event Limitations: Calendly's free version comes with limitations on the number of event types you can create, which might not suffice for businesses with diverse scheduling needs.
  • Learning Curve: For new users, understanding all the features of Calendly and how to effectively integrate them into a Webflow site can be overwhelming.

How to Connect Calendly and Webflow

There are essentially four ways to do this: Calendly Link. Calendly Embed, Popup Widget, and Popup Text

But before we discuss any of them, it’s important to register on Calendly and create an event, which is basically a calendar where people can schedule a call with you.

The first method is by just implementing a Calendly Link. It’s super simple:

  1. Click ‘Copy Link’ for your event to copy the custom link to your calendar.
  2. Open Webflow Designer and paste the link in the designated place: rich text, button, or wherever you see fit.
  3. Publish your project  

When the user clicks on this link, it will take them to your dedicated Calendly page.

The second option is to add an embedded Calendar. Alternatively, you can add a popup text or a popup widget.

To add an embedded element, go to your event on Calendly.

  1. Click the Cog button next to New Event Type in your Calendly event overview.
  2. Click Add to Website and select Inline Embed
  3. Copy the code
  4. Go to Webflow Designer and add the Embed element where you want to add your Calendly.
  5. Paste the code, save, and publish.

The third option is the Popup Widget.

  1. Click the Cog button next to New Event Type in your Calendly event overview.
  2. Click Add to Website and select Popup Widget
  3. Copy the code
  4. Go to Webflow Designer and Select the page where you want to add the widget.
  5. Go to page settings and paste the code before the closing body tag
  6. Publish the site.

After this, you should see the widget in the lower right corner.

Finally, the fourth option is Popup Text. Essentially, when someone clicks on the text link on your page, a Calendly calendar should pop up. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Click the Cog button next to New Event Type in your Calendly event overview.
  2. Click Add to Website and select Popup Text
  3. Copy the code
  4. Go to Webflow Designer and add the Embed element where you want to add your Calendly. Depending on where the embed is, you can set the anchor text to match your typeface.
  5. Paste the code, save, and publish.

Remember that you can customize the embedded Calendly elements in Calendly, so that it matches your website’s design. 

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We get asked these questions often

Why should I integrate Calendly with my Webflow site?

Integrating Calendly with Webflow enhances your website by enabling seamless scheduling, automating your booking process, and ensuring that the scheduling widget matches your site’s design for aesthetic harmony.

Do I need coding skills to integrate Calendly with Webflow?

No, basic integration does not require advanced coding skills. Basic knowledge of copying and pasting embed codes or links is sufficient for most integration methods.

Can I customize the appearance of the Calendly widget on my Webflow site?

Yes, Calendly offers customization options for its widgets, allowing you to align the appearance with your website’s design for a seamless look and feel.

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