Uroš Mikić

Why I’ve started Flow Ninja?

It was hard to deliver a complete product

Before I discovered Webflow I was constrained to clunky website builders, unstable user experience and the need to call a developer each month to fix what was already working few weeks ago.

Until I discovered Webflow tool and community

With the power of Webflow, we’re now able to ship web products and features, fast, stable and in a collaborative way. And not to forget, the main thing is, we’re not compromising creativity and user-experience.

And helped over 500 customers get online

My goal with Flow Ninja is to educate people on the amazing tool Webflow is, provide resources to make getting online fast & help business create custom web experiences.

Our team

Uros Mikic


Stefan Mikic


Kristina Ivanovic


Marko Vukic


Tamara Vitas

Loading final color palette
Hitting the deadline at 12AM
Making the logo 20% bigger