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Instagram lets you feature posts, reels, and other content on your website.

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About Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos with a global community. It offers various features such as stories, reels, and IGTV, enabling diverse forms of content sharing and engagement. The platform also provides tools for personalization, communication, and discovery, making it a dynamic space for both personal expression and brand promotion.

Benefits of Integrating Instagram with Webflow

Integrating Instagram with Webflow offers several benefits:

  • Enhances website engagement by displaying dynamic Instagram content.
  • Allows showcasing of visual content directly from Instagram, adding authenticity and updated material to the website.
  • Supports various content types from Instagram, including photos, videos, Reels, and Guides, providing versatility in content display.

Common Issues When Integrating Instagram with Webflow

Common issues might include:

  • Understanding and meeting the technical requirements for integration, like having a Facebook developer account, a Facebook app in Live mode, and an access token​​.
  • Adhering to the limitations of the Instagram oEmbed endpoint, such as its prohibition on using embedded content for purposes other than front-end display, and its incompatibility with private, inactive, and age-restricted Instagram accounts​

How to Integrate Instagram with Webflow

To integrate Instagram with Webflow:

  1. Get Embed HTML: Send a request to the GET /instagram_oembed endpoint with the URL of the Instagram post and your access token. The API responds with JSON containing the post's embed HTML​​.
  2. URL Formats: Ensure the URL formats are correct, as the url query string parameter accepts specific URL formats​​.
  3. Use Embed JS: The embed HTML contains a reference to the Instagram embed.js JavaScript library. Load this library to generate the fully rendered post. If loading the library separately, include omitscript=true in your request and call instgrm.Embeds.process() after loading​​.
  4. Responsive Design: The embedded post is responsive and adapts to the container size. You can set a maximum width if needed​​.
  5. Handling Thumbnails: If unable to render the embed HTML, you can use the post’s thumbnail image URL, ensuring to provide proper attribution to the original author and Instagram​​.

This process will enable you to effectively integrate Instagram content into your Webflow site, enhancing its visual appeal and engagement. For a more detailed guide, make sure to check out the official Facebook Developers page on integrating Instagram posts to websites

Webflow Requirements

You will require a paid Webflow plan to be able to add custom code to your project.

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We get asked these questions often

Is it possible to integrate Instagram with Webflow?

Yes, it is possible to integrate Instagram with Webflow. Make sure to check the text above to learn more details.

How can one integrate Webflow and Instagram?

You can integrate Webflow and Instagram by using Instagram's oEmbed feature, which allows you to embed Instagram posts, including photos and videos, into your Webflow site.

Can you embed Instagram posts in a Webflow site?

Yes, you can embed Instagram posts in a Webflow site using the oEmbed feature provided by Instagram.

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