Our Shift to Help Businesses Grow with Webflow
Our Shift to Help Businesses Grow with Webflow

Our Shift to Help Businesses Grow with Webflow

Uros Mikic
Uros Mikic
12 Jun
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Flow Ninja is shifting to a new service model.

Moving forward, we will shift to partnering with clients and focusing on their business growth.


For all the tl;dr people scared of big paragraphs, here’s a summary.

  • Our new service model isn’t only focused on building sites. It’s focused on helping clients make a bigger business impact, achieving better results, and becoming more flexible when working with us.
  • Accelerate time-to-market with our new onboarding flow and track progress with our proprietary project management app.
  • The new package-based pricing plans give you more freedom when extending your partnership with us.
  • The package-based approach means we can focus on what your site requires the most, including design, development, analytics, or any other service that is part of our arsenal and can help you achieve your business goals.

Off to the long version.

The Old Way of Building Marketing Sites

Take a look at the following scenario.

You have a new quarterly goal to design and develop a new marketing website. It’s July, and you need it done by the end of September.

You start searching for an agency partner and want to make sure they have an SoW that says they will deliver a website within the deadline.

When you find a partner, spend months building the new website, and go live, everyone is happy, right?

We don’t think so.

Usually, the process ends up with disorganized pages, a lot of sleepless nights, and maybe even a worse marketing website than before.

But hey, you have a new color scheme on the site that results in an occasional pat on the back from your business partners and colleagues. That’s something, right? No, not really.

The focus of why the new website was started after all will be forgotten completely.

Some ideas probably won’t work the way you wanted to, and you’ll need a new version of the site as soon as possible. But guess what? That requires a new SoW and a lot more paperwork that will cause delays.

Is there a solution to this? Yes, there is. That’s why we’ve released a new service model at our studio.

The Flow Ninja Service Set

  • Your Webflow Partner - Instead of being an agency that helps you with your website, we’ve transitioned to a model where we become your dedicated business partner. We work alongside you to help you achieve your business goals through your site.
  • Enterprise - With substantial experience working with enterprise clients under our belt, we have garnered valuable skills to handle complex Webflow projects.
  • Low-code SaaS - Our team has long been exploring the uncharted waters of low-code SaaS. With such an approach, we can build solutions that will minimize overhead and maximize ROI for our clients.

Enterprise projects and SaaS platforms require a completely different approach compared to marketing websites.

That’s why we’ll focus on our new approach in this blog: becoming your Webflow Partner if you’re building or maintaining a marketing site.

Partnering with Flow Ninja: The Process Overview

Interested in working with us? Take a look at our upgraded process that will help us partner with you and maximize your benefits.

Step #1 - Understanding Your Goals, Team, and the Business Model

Instead of jumping into UI and pushing pretty pixels, we want to understand:

  • Why does your business exist?
  • What products and services do you bring to market to achieve your “why”?
  • Can you identify 3 to 5 SMART goals that will help your business better deliver those products and services?
  • Who stands to benefit the most from your products and services?
  • What is the biggest problem or frustration you encounter in your marketplace?
  • What tools do you have in your toolkit to help them to attract visitors?

We will also discuss some of the following processes and how we can approach them and upgrade them.

  • How to capture as many leads as possible using the content on your website?
  • How to find a way to nurture customer relationships? How to find the additional value and present it to the customers? How to start a conversation with them?
  • What the customer onboarding flow will look like if they decide to sign up for your services?
  • How can we use digital to optimize how we deliver our services?
  • What can be measured through online metric software such as Google Analytics and email marketing software like Mailchimp for website visitors and email subscribers?

Step #2 - Creating a Light and Comprehensive Sitemap

After understanding the business goals, we’ll be able to craft a custom sitemap.

Alternatively, we can work with your in-house design team to create a comprehensive sitemap that will include all pages you would ever imagine on the website while defining how users will be flowing from page to page.

This sitemap can have anywhere from 30 to 100+ custom pages. Dedicating staff internally and externally to finish such a large website while keeping the focus on small and important details like micro-copy and UX is extremely difficult. It consumes too much time and resources.

You’ll feel that your entire organization and partners are becoming focused on one thing and one thing alone: getting your website completed and launching it. Let’s face it: that’s never possible in reality.

That’s why we’ll be focusing on scaling down the sitemap to the core, which we’ll focus on in the first month. After that, we can expand the project, scaling it up with each passing month, adding other pages, and maintaining the existing ones.

There are three scenarios at play:

  • Rebranding your website
  • Repositioning the existing website with an established brand
  • Starting a website from scratch

If it is a re-brand, we’ll completely re-do 3 to 5 relevant pages with new UX and content and implement them in Webflow while keeping content the same for the rest of the website. This will help you stay focused on delivering a better experience and a better business outcome.

Repositioning an existing site

If it is an existing website, we’ll use the page-by-page approach and re-do pages based on your and customers’ inputs to slowly re-position the company. This will also help us measure the business impact we’re making every single month.

Starting from scratch

If it is a completely new company, we’ll suggest a possible course of action. We’ll aim to launch an MVP website as soon as possible, which will help us test all of your suggestions with real users and build on top afterward.

How do we know all of this works? Well, that’s how we launch products internally at our venture studio Flow Ventures. (announcement for our VC coming soon!)

Step #3 Choose a Monthly Partnership Level

After identifying the core business metrics for the new or existing project, we will partner up based on your selected partnership level.

  1. Rise - 40hrs monthly
  2. Grow - 80hrs monthly
  3. Bloom - 160hrs monthly

This way, we’re thinking of monthly improvements and making visible and trackable progress. This approach is way more impactful instead of handling a huge one-off project no one has a clue where will it end up.

Since we’re a full-service Webflow agency, our monthly improvements and adjustments won’t focus on a single aspect of your project. Sometimes, we’ll focus more on design, sometimes on development, and often on both.

You can rest assured that your project is pixel-perfect, as our in-house QA team will check every single detail, and our Creative Director and CTO will oversee all projects until perfection.

You can forget about freelancers missing, leaving the last 10% un-done, or just dropping the project halfway.

We guarantee that every single project we start will be finished even if the world is overtaken by AI robots, or we’ll refund you every single cent back.

Step #4 Join Our Six-Star Project Management Platform

We’ve struggled with using various project management tools. None worked for us and our clients. They were either too cluttered with unnecessary features or lacked the capabilities we needed. That’s when we decided to take matters into our hands and develop a proprietary project management app.

We’ve developed it in-house with Webflow, Wized, and XANO, ensuring that every single touchpoint with our partners is as seamless as possible.

Here’s what you can get.

  1. Preview all your tasks and manage your projects from a single place
  2. View the team dedicated to your project & all project links
  3. See custom tutorials for your website
  4. Upgrade, pause, or cancel the relationship at any point
  5. View hours balance
  6. Request new tasks

There’s more! But we’ll keep some secrets for the clients using the platform. We don’t want to spoil every single feature of our app to the public.

That’s it! In four easy steps, we can start working on your next project. No big upfront investments, a lot less paperwork, and visible results in a month. No need to wait two quarters to see your project go live.

We decided to go the extra mile and do what’s best for our clients. Partnering with clients will help us make their path to long-term success easier.

We’ll encounter challenges, that’s for sure, but with an agile implementation process, they will be much easier to tackle in production.

And that’s why we think the way forward is an ongoing partnership and not a one-off relationship where no one knows where will it end up.

Ready to see your marketing site, enterprise, or SaaS project come to life?

Launch the initial version in less than a month. If you’re happy with what you see, we’ll help your project rise, grow, and bloom, assisting you along the way.

We accept only six new clients per quarter. Submit a project below, and let’s see if we’re the right fit for each other.

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Uros Mikic

Uros Mikic

Since 2015, Uros has mastered Webflow, developing everything from full games to enterprise solutions. His expertise led to the creation of Flow Ninja, aimed at using Webflow to help clients scale their businesses and accelerate growth.

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