since 2015

Helping clients
to find & ship the aha! moment with Webflow

Flow Ninja Team

What’s an “aha!” moment?

Shifting your focus from long research & development cycles to running your business in real-time with Webflow.

Instead of waiting months the perfect research thesis, we’re shipping as fast as possible and getting real time results from users interacting with the site.


And why we’re using Webflow for this?

Ship fast & reliable experiences in tight deadlines.

Use Webflow’s CMS to ship three times as much pages than before.

Fixing a typo or a bug on a live site is a click away.

Take control of your marketing site and give your engineers a break.


Ship, fail, ship again & find the “aha!” moment that works with your users.

LEt's talk

Since we started to use Webflow we’re able to ship products and features, fast, stable and in a collaborative way. The main thing is, we’re not compromising creativity and user-experience.

Uros Mikic
Founder of flow ninja doo

Because of these Flow Ninjas we’re able to move fast.

Uros Mikic ✌️
Founder & Webflow Expert

Started in 2015 alone in my room and ended up with the most amazing team of 6 Ninjas. Sometimes I think I have my life optimised as Joe Rogan, and sometimes I wake up at 12 pm. You gotta live, you know?

Stefan Mikic 🚀
Webflow Expert  

Webflow Expert with a proven history of working in the web designs and developments industry. Strong professional with all skills required for Full-Stack website production.

Tamara Vitas Mikic 📒
Project Manager

A well-organized ninja whose task is planning from idea to realization. Funny thing about being project manager is I keep everything under control at office but can't say that's the case at home :)

Marko Vukic 🤓
Developer & Webflow Expert

Hello World. I always had one thing on my mind. How can I bring bread to the table and katana on my back? Surely enough by following my ninja way into web development I acquired it all!

Kristina Ivanovic 🏂
digital designer

Thanks god this is not a place holder text.
I’m here to try and make everything pretty, keep it simple and easy to use. Also, occasionally quarreling with our webflow experts.

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