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Nis, Serbia

Technical Project Manager

Help us manage and maintain projects with the leading businesses around the world.

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Technical Project Manager

Flow Ninja Core Company Overview

So before we go with the role, what are the things we strive for?


Helping teammates with their projects is at our core. As long as you're eager to empower your colleagues and help them with personal and professional development, we'll consider you a true team member.


We value independence by providing fully flexible working hours and even hybrid work. However, having clients from around the globe also means we prioritize promptness and decisiveness for every project.


We don't like going for the average. Our team members are always ready to be the best and bring out the best in others around them for every single project—even for minor tasks.


We consider work as part of your life, not your life. Striving to provide the best health, productivity and travel advice is our core behavior and that’s why we consider being part of our team a lifestyle choice.

Now how is having a physical focus hub going to help here?

By creating a space where people zone out on their work, collaborate and exchange crucial life experiences, we’re able to foster growth while still giving flexibility.

Some of the benefits we offer:

No Working Hours

We have all of the best practices for asynchronous work, so you don’t have to be stressed out when to come to work.

  • Like to sleep in and start at 11am?
  • Feel you need a break and continue working from home?
  • Want to take a short nap at the office?

We got you covered for all 3 of these and many more. We feel work is part of our lives, and that’s why there’s full flexibility on when you get work done. The main thing is to over communicate when people expect things from you and continue from there.

Additionally, we never track the time of our team. Working on a project is much more than sitting in front of the desk, sometimes the best ideas come when you’re at the gym or going for a walk. That’s why the only thing you should be focusing on is being productive.

Focused Office Days

We look forward to seeing each other at The Flow Hub in Nis. In order to plan for workshops, meetings (Even though we don’t host any meetings after Tuesday) and get familiar with new projects, it is important to meet the people we’re working with and possibly grab a beer after work.

We’ve worked from home during the pandemic, and we know the struggles of not leaving the house and sitting in pajamas all day long. Having a place to sit and zone in on your work will make it that much easier to have a proper work-life balance and to know that when you leave work, you actually stop thinking about it.

And the best thing about Nis? Most people are a walking distance from the office, as we live in a small city.

Remote Flexibility

After a few days of being in your zone at the Flow Hub, you might want to zone out, or heck work from a vacation home in the mountains? That’s why it is completely okay to be remote from when there aren't any important workshops/plannings for projects. Just make sure to let your team members know where you are, as someone might decide to join!

Zone out policy

I feel we often forget why we do the job we’re doing, and the flexibility benefits that brings us. Sometimes there’s a hard project you want to finish on time, or you just forget about traveling at all by having a fun routine each day.

That’s why the last week of each month is completely remote. Everyone from the team is usually at a different place, or maybe even traveling together. This will set clear expectations not to plan any important meetings or workshops during the week, and allow for some cool down time for everyone at the company.

Consider joining our team?

If you’re from any place in the Balkan region, having some on hand time and the flexibility afterwards will be a really easy task to fulfil.

We have a 3 month trial policy for everyone joining our team, specifically from different cities and countries, so we’ll cover accommodation costs for the first 3 months, until you decide to join our team of Webflow Experts and Designers fully. After first 3 months, you can enjoy taking as much remote time as you want to.

That’s just the Co-Working space, there’s more


Grow your career in the direction you want and get adequate compensation for that. We also offer quarterly productivity bonuses that can reach up to 100% of your base salary.

Private Health Insurance

We care about our Ninjas' health and wellbeing. That's why we ensured access to top-quality healthcare facilities in Serbia via our private health insurance plan.

Paid Time Off

Even though you can travel while working, it’s always better to take time off and enjoy the world without distractions. We offer paid birthdays, holidays, sick days, parental leave, and four weeks off per year.

Fun Experiences

Enjoy quarterly get-togethers at dinners, office parties, or even occasional kart racing events. We also have an annual company retreat with all expenses covered.


Working with the world's greatest companies requires staying on top of the latest design trends, technologies and practices. To help you keep up, we cover any course expenses and encourage up to four hours per week for exploring new stuff.

Vacation Bonus

Get a 20% bonus on your base pay (up to $1,000) when you decide to take a vacation that’s 5+ days. We like travelling, and hopefully, you do as well. *Holidays not included.

That's all cool, but what do I need to deliver?

As being the leading No-Code partner in the Europe we expect you to:

  • Set project timelines
  • Monitor project deliverables
  • Update relevant stakeholders or team members on the project progress
  • Coach and support project team members with tasks you assign them
  • Integrate in our core teams at the company
  • Develop and implement new management processes

You'll be working on projects for top Enterprises and Funded Startups, while transforming the way they launch new or existing ideas by utilizing Webflow and No-Code.


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